Reportei is the World’s Number 1 in Reports and Dashboards

Reportei is the World’s Number 1 in Reports and Dashboards

Discover the rankings that position Reportei as the top dashboard and report provider, and read the testimonials from our international clients

In January 2024, Reportei received international recognition for its digital marketing reports and dashboards on platforms within the Gartner Digital Markets network.

Therefore, we’ve prepared this article to share everything you need to know about the website rankings and what led us to such significant classifications. Let’s dive in?

International Recognition of Reportei as the Top Report and Dashboard Provider

The year 2024 began with a major achievement for Reportei: international recognition by Gartner Digital Markets brands – Capterra, Software Advice, and GetApp –, ranking us 1st for best report and dashboard in their rankings.

These three sites are global references in the search for software across various categories, such as data analysis, marketing, project management, finance, and much more.

Hence, based on user reviews, these platforms create rankings that help recommend the most outstanding tools and award recognition badges, like the ones we have received and are illustrated below:

Overall, Reportei received a score of 4.7 (out of 5) on the Gartner Digital Markets sites, validating how our solution offers a very comprehensive experience in terms of functionality, usability, cost-benefit, among other characteristics.

Moreover, this recognition underscores our commitment to delivering a high-quality tool to our customers, contributing to a more efficient marketing data analysis routine, regardless of the sector the company operates in or the country where it is located.

Check out the classifications from each Gartner Digital Markets brand and testimonials from users who submitted their reviews!

1st Place in Report and Dashboard on GetApp

On GetApp, Reportei ranked 1st in both best marketing report and dashboard. The platform uses 5 criteria for evaluation:

  • Functionality;
  • Ease of use;
  • Cost-benefit;
  • Likelihood of recommending;
  • Customer support.

Each of these criteria is scored up to 20 points, with the total maximum score for the ranking being 100 points. We are proud to have received 97 in reports and 100 in dashboards!

From the main functionalities of Reportei, user testimonials highlighted:

“The timeline, I love adding client events to it. They’re happy to remember important topics” – Elisiane F.

“The easy setup and visualization of accounts is one of the report’s most important aspects, in addition to the goal visualization and dashboard presentation.” – Maik A.

Top Dashboard Software on Software Advice

Reportei also ranks among the pioneers on Software Advice when it comes to digital marketing dashboards. Similar to GetApp, the platform utilizes user reviews to highlight the most relevant products in North America.

The list provides a classification based on the relationship between customer satisfaction and usability, criteria in which Reportei excels when viewing the comparative graph with ranking participants:

See what customer testimonials say about what they appreciate most in the tool:

“I’ve been using Reportei for a long time in the company because the presentation of the reports is simple, comprehensive, and saves hours of work. The support is also very efficient. I recommend it!” – Lívia.

“The ease of generating reports and the possibility of saving customized report templates” – Ricardo.

Top-rated Dashboard Software on Capterra

Lastly, Reportei also features on the list of best dashboards on Capterra, with incredible ratings in usability, customer service, functionalities, and cost-benefit.

In addition to considering user ratings, Capterra also uses web search popularity data to select and develop its list of software recommendations.

According to users, the main highlights of Reportei are:

“I like that it comes with social media analysis features. It makes data analysis easier and also comes with useful data visualization features.” – Melinda R.

“It’s a tool easy to understand and, above all, easy for clients to observe in real-time the performance of their campaigns and social networks data.” – Anelise S.

What is Gartner Digital Markets?

The world’s largest platform for finding software and services, Gartner Digital Markets attracts over 100 million annual visitors across Capterra, GetApp, Software Advice, and UpCity websites.

Present in more than 70 locations, these platforms assist in objective research and provide verified customer reviews to help new users find the ideal solutions for their needs.

Along with this, thousands of B2B companies partner with Gartner Digital Markets to expand their businesses internationally, as is the case with Reportei.

Therefore, having this recognition in the rankings of platforms like Capterra, GetApp, and Software Advice is proof of our focus on offering not only the most comprehensive digital marketing reports but also the best possible experience for our customers.

Discover the Benefits that Reportei Delivers

Besides generating marketing reports and dashboards in just 3 seconds, Reportei offers several other benefits to its users, such as:

  • Ease of customizing documents to meet the specific needs of projects;
  • A timeline to record important milestones in a story format, with dates and project events;
  • Report automation, which can be sent directly to the analyst’s or the client’s email;
  • A dashboard to monitor your marketing/sales indicators and the budget of your campaigns;
  • Artificial intelligence features to generate automatic analyses of your marketing data and insights for improvements in projects.

In total, there are over 20 channels that can be integrated with Reportei, including Instagram, Facebook, Meta Ads, Google Ads, TikTok, LinkedIn, RD Station, Pipedrive, HubSpot, YouTube, GA4, among others.

Thus, you have access to a complete structure to achieve the best results with your digital strategies, from analysis to decision-making. Request a free 3-day trial to explore all the features!

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