Digital Marketing Courses in International Platforms

We have prepared a packed list of online Digital Marketing courses. Note that all courses listed here are free and certified! So you can save your money and secure your Christmas gifts or invest in your career.

There are several options for introductory, advanced, short or long courses, all in English. The signup link is at the end of each tip. Study hard!

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing by Google Digital Garage

Google’s free course that covers all Digital Marketing topics in depth. The certificate is only issued after completing all Digital Garage modules.

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Content Marketing by Hubspot

One of Inbound’s giants, Hubspot, offers several free courses on its platform. The introductory Content Marketing course lasts 4 hours, and certification is issued after an assessment of the content studied.

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Writing a Marketing Plan by LinkedIn Learning

Did you know that LinkedIn has a teaching platform? Here you will learn: How to build a marketing plan, build a team, do market analysis, and present your project to the best of your ability.

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SEO Tutorial for Beginners by Udemy

Want to learn SEO from scratch? This course is aimed at professionals, website owners and bloggers who want to learn this increasingly needed skill in the online marketplace.

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SEO Fundamentals by SEMrush Academy

Learn SEO from one of the subject matter experts, Greg Gifford. There are 31 video lessons in which you will learn how to optimize your pages for search engines and thus increase the traffic of potential customers.

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Inbound Marketing by Hubspot

Master every step of an Inbound Marketing campaign: content creation, customer attraction, social networking, conversion, and lead nurturing.

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Analytics for Beginners by Google Analytics Academy

Want a better way to understand Analytics than with Google? Learn the first steps from creating an account to reviewing your first campaign on the platform.

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Advanced Analytics by Google Analytics Academy

Following the introductory course, here you’ll learn more sophisticated analytical techniques that use segmentation, custom reporting, standard and dynamic remarketing, and more.

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Social Media Marketing Foundations by LinkedIn Learning

Need to boost up your curriculum? Learn more about a quick completion course on LinkedIn Learning. After approval, the certificate is already highlighted on your profile!

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Do you like Netflix? Are you interested in social networks? In Reportei’s blog, we suggested five movies that every Social Media professional should see! Make some popcorn and enjoy!.

Social Media Management by Udemy

The certification that will turn you into a full-fledged Social Media Manager! Learn about the benefits and gimmicks of each social network and how to engage your audience in all of them.

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SEO Toolkit by SEMrush Academy

Learn all about SEMrush, the award-winning software that includes website traffic information, keyword research, and other SEO related data

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E-mail Marketing by Hubspot

Did you know that email is one of the marketing channels with the best ROI? Become an expert on email marketing and convert many leads into customers with this advanced HubSpot course.

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Marketing on Instagram by LinkedIn Learning

A certification focused on who needs Instagram to sell or work. Remember that the first month on LinkedIn Learning is free, so take all the certifications you can get.

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Hashtag Traffic Generation by Udemy

Understand how to use hashtags correctly to increase the chances that your post will go viral. Learn how to gain followers, likes, and increase engagement quickly and organically.

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Facebook Ads by Hubspot

A quick certification that will teach you how to optimize Facebook Ads, accurately target your audience, and measure your return on investment.

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Facebook Strategy by Hubspot

Facebook is still the key to many marketing strategies. Know how to set up a fan page, develop a plan, get more followers, and turn your audience into customers.

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Growth Hacking by LinkedIn Learning

Learn the concepts and methods for identifying the most efficient ways to build a business, rapidly growing your customer base.

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