Why am I losing followers on Instagram

Why am I losing followers on Instagram?

Although it has gone through quite a few changes, Instagram is still very relevant and strategic for raising brand awareness among your followers, driving them to engage with you, and, consequently, begin promoting your product or service. But what do you do when you notice that you’ve begun losing your Instagram followers quickly?

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Low-performing reports How to present them to clients

Low-performing reports: How to present them to clients

Presenting underperforming digital marketing reports is an unpleasant yet necessary task.

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Customized Reports how do I create one on Reportei

Customized Reports: how do I create one on Reportei?

Check out these five tips for creating and saving a customized report on Reportei.

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Instagram and Facebook connection

Troubleshooting issues with your Facebook and Instagram connection? Here are 4 possible solutions

Our support team often hears from clients who are having trouble connecting an account to Reportei. Many of these reports are about issues regarding Instagram and Facebook integration.

There are several factors related to these two social media platforms that may be causing errors. Because of this, we can’t always predict, monitor, or have complete control over an issue.

In any case, you must link the accounts to generate reports with Reportei. So, we’re here to offer any support our clients might need to recover that connection as efficiently as possible.

With this in mind, we’ve done lots of research, looking for references among international tools with which people have reported the same issues. We’ve reached several conclusions about the most frequent causes and identified four possible steps to help you out if you’re experiencing any of these problems as well. Ready?

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6 Free Tools to Schedule Posts on Social Media

Managing multiple social media from multiple clients is no easy task as it requires time and a lot of organization. However, social media professionals can rely on a variety of free tools to make their routine easier, such as post scheduling platforms. When offered for free, these tools often have some limitations, but they greatly streamline the work of social media and help save resources for investing in other tools, such as social network reporting platforms.

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Social Network Metrics: 4 critical metrics

Learn four critical metrics on Social Networks that every company should keep up with it.

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5 Moments: The Routine of a Social Media Analyst

The usage of social media is growing more and more. As a result, the need to organize the routine of a social media (a multifaceted professional that brings together a range of knowledge and work tools) also grows.

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Why advertise on social media

If you produce content for a website or a blog you may have already encountered the following situation: you think of an interesting agenda, try to write a full text, do keyboard research, optimize content for SEO, everything perfect, the way it should be.

Later you analyze the metrics of your post and see that its reach is much lower than you expected. That is, few people have found and read that carefully made content. It’s frustrating, isn’t it?

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