Understand how your customer interacts with you through Google My Business

Yes, Reportei does not stop launching incredible new features! We’ve already talked about the Search Console report here, and now is the time to show you everything you need to know about the brand new Google My Business report.

This free tool, which has been present in the search engine since 2014, helps to provide important information about your business to potential customers and facilitates interaction and connection with them.

Therefore, when a user searches for your business on Google, a form appears with the opening hours, address, phone, website, photos, and reviews of other people who purchased your product or service.

The more complete the profile, the more chances the business will have to attract and win new customers, whether through more specific searches or discoveries on Google Maps, for example.

Because it is such a relevant tool, especially for those focused on local marketing, we have gathered all the data from Google My Business in a new report, to further simplify your analysis and communication with your customer/decision-maker.

Continue reading to check all the metrics you find in Reportei and learn how to use this information to your advantage!

Discover the eight metrics of Google My Business report

Our report is made up of the eight metrics that demonstrate how people were reached and interacted with your business’ profile. Check out what they are:

  1. Total views: Number of times your business was viewed on Google My Business.
  2. Search views: Total times the business was viewed on Google Search.
  3. Views on maps: number of times the business was viewed on Google Maps.
  4. Total actions: shows the number of interactions with your profile, whether with clicks on your website or phone number, viewing photos, and requesting directions.
  5. Clicks on websites: displays the total clicks received by your website.
  6. Calls to you: shows how many clicks your business’ phone number has received.
  7. Photo views: This is the number of times you have viewed your business photos.
  8. Route requests: indicates the total number of route requests to reach your business.

Google My Business report also has essential graphs that show the daily results of views (comparing the totals with those coming from searches and Maps), quests (direct and by discovery), and actions were taken by your potential customer.

Finally, you can also check a table with the main information about the posts (announcing promotions, events, new products, or special opening hours) that you made during the analyzed period.

Use the data to make this tool your greatest ally

According to information released by Google My Business page itself, the whole world conducts searches on Google and, as a result, creates opportunities for companies to sell more. Monthly, they are:

  • 5 billion searches for restaurants;
  • 3 billion for hotels;
  • 1 billion for clothing stores;
  • 600 million for beauty salons;
  • and 5 million for coffee shops.

These are quite expressive numbers, aren’t they? Best of all, you can (and should) be part of the results presented for these searches.

However, for your efforts to generate returns, it is necessary not only to have a profile but also to monitor its performance to carry out the necessary optimizations and stand out in the search engine.

With Reportei’s report metrics and comparisons between the periods analyzed, it is possible to identify, for example, if your business has a good reach and how it connects with potential customers.

From this, it is possible to start a process of updating photos, main data, and making posts that keep your audience informed about the news of your business.

See how easy it is to turn this tool into an ally? You can be sure that it will make all the difference both to your organic results on Google and to the experience of your potential customers.

Now that you know the Google My Business report how about testing it on our platform? Just access your account or register with Reportei!


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