5 Traffic Management Report Models for Paid Traffic

5 Traffic Management Report Models for Paid Traffic

From the templates developed by our team to those created in partnership with experts in the field, check out the best report models for paid traffic management

For those working with Ads campaigns, generating efficient paid traffic management reports is a crucial step to achieving success in the digital realm.

After all, metrics are responsible for pointing out the best path for your actions and making your optimizations more strategic in routine. But what are the ideal report and dashboard models for traffic managers?

In this article, we’ve selected 5 examples of templates from Reportei – including some made in partnership with experts in the field – to help in choosing the ideal layout for your needs. Read on!

Discover Reportei’s Custom Templates

In addition to enabling the creation of completely customized reports and dashboards, Reportei also offers pre-defined templates that serve as guides for those looking to perform more efficient analyses in their routine but don’t know where to start.

Among them, the standard model for traffic managers (developed by our team) and the templates made in partnership with experts in the field stand out. Below, we present the details of each and how they can aid in interpreting your data. Follow along!

Traffic Manager Report Template

The paid traffic management report model is one of the options developed by Reportei itself. Therefore, it highlights the paid platforms integrated into our platform, such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, TikTok Ads, and Pinterest Ads.

Along with this, it allows a detailed analysis of the results of each ad, highlighting metrics such as investment, conversion rate, CPC, CPM, and CTR.

After these channels, the model presents data from Google Analytics and RD Station, followed by social media metrics. In other words, you don’t miss any information, just access first those that are more aligned with the objectives of the project.

The choice of the template is made right at the beginning of the report setup. If preferred, you can also define the layout from the list of specialist templates.

The Traffic King Template (Lucas Renault)

Speaking of specialists, The Traffic King template, created by Lucas Renault, prioritizes paid media actions, highlighting the main metrics of this area.

In fact, the first reports to appear are those of Meta Ads and Google Ads, where the total amount invested in campaigns stands out as the main metric, providing important insights into the performance of the investment in terms of clicks and conversions.

Next, the layout presents the results of the main social networks involved, along with data from marketing automation platforms, CRM, and other relevant resources. This approach allows a detailed analysis of campaign performance on various fronts, ensuring a complete view of the digital strategy.

Rodrigo Maciel Template (Umbler Club)

Designed to provide precise analysis for digital marketing agencies, the template developed by Rodrigo Maciel, from Umbler Club, focuses on relevant data and charts that influence both sales and brand engagement.

Highlighting Analytics for website insights, Google My Business, Meta Ads, and social networks like LinkedIn and Instagram, among other channels, the model offers a holistic view of digital performance.

This comprehensive approach enables effective analysis to optimize strategies in agencies, especially those of Ads, and achieve significant results with their actions.

Matheus Palma Template

A newcomer among the expert templates, the model developed by Matheus Palma – who is a mentor at Subido Pro – focuses on paid traffic for local businesses.

Thus, it brings the main advertising channels, such as Meta Ads and Google Ads, and tips for analyzing the metrics automatically captured by our platform.

In addition, the template also addresses social networks and the results of Google My Business, which is an essential network for those working with local traffic strategies.

Custom Template

It’s important to highlight that, in addition to offering standardized and expert templates for reports, Reportei allows customizing and saving templates according to the needs of each project.

This way, when creating a new report, you have complete freedom to:

  • change the order of channels and metrics according to their importance for the client’s business;
  • add metrics and charts manually, create calculated metrics, include or exclude elements like tables and charts;
  • add analyses through texts, images, or videos to complement the automatically captured information;
  • use analyses with artificial intelligence to optimize time and obtain better insights from your results;
  • create a marketing funnel to provide a clearer and more accurate view of how each stage of the funnel influences the final result of your paid traffic strategies and other actions.

After making the customizations you want, just click on “Save as template,” assign a descriptive title, and save for future use in one or multiple projects!

Make More Efficient Traffic Management Analyses with Reportei

Far beyond offering report models for paid traffic management, our platform also has other features that help monitor your metrics and obtain valuable insights for campaigns.

For example, with Reportei Control, it’s possible to closely monitor your investments, project goals, receive notifications when something goes off track, and make quicker decisions to navigate obstacles or enhance results.

Another feature that helps to optimize ads

more swiftly is Reportei AI, which provides a paid traffic management assistant for the project, identifying bottlenecks and indicating the best actions.

In other words, we offer a complete tool to make analyses more practical and efficient, regardless of the type of project developed by your agency. Take advantage of our 3-day free trial to closely explore all the benefits!

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