How to Schedule a Post on TikTok for Free?

How to Schedule a Post on TikTok for Free?

Discover the step-by-step guide to scheduling posts on TikTok, including tips on tools, timing, and how to better plan your content on the social network

With its dynamic and creative nature, TikTok has become fertile ground for brands and content creators. However, managing your presence on the platform can be a challenge, especially when it comes to publishing videos at the right time to maximize reach.

This is where the need to schedule TikTok posts comes in. After all, this practice not only facilitates content management but also allows you to deliver posts to your followers at the most strategic times, increasing account engagement.

Therefore, in this article, we will show you how to schedule a post on TikTok for free, whether within the platform itself or through tools that help simplify this process. Follow along!

The Importance of Maintaining a Constant Presence on TikTok

Maintaining a constant presence on TikTok is crucial to fully leveraging the benefits that this dynamic and fast-growing platform can offer. Among the main reasons to commit to a strong presence on the network are:

  • Favorable Algorithm: TikTok’s algorithm favors consistent and engaging content. By posting regularly, you increase the chances of your content being recommended to a broader audience;
  • Community Building: A constant presence on the platform allows you to build a loyal and engaged community. When followers know they can expect regular, high-quality content, they are more likely to stay interested and interact with your posts;
  • Trend Tracking: TikTok is known for its fast and ever-changing trends. Being active on the channel lets you keep up with and participate in these trends, thus increasing your visibility and relevance;
  • Brand Strengthening: Consistency helps to strengthen your brand’s identity, creating a more solid and recognizable image;
  • Continuous Learning: Regular practice on TikTok allows you to learn what works best for your audience. By analyzing the performance of posts and adjusting your strategy based on data, you continuously improve your approach and effectiveness on the platform.

In summary, maintaining a constant presence on TikTok is not just about quantity but also about quality and strategy. By investing time and effort in creating and scheduling regular content, you build a solid foundation for increased engagement on the short-video social network.

How to Schedule a Post on TikTok for Free?

Posts on TikTok can be scheduled for free through the platform itself. However, at the moment, this action can only be done through a web browser and not through the mobile app.

Another important point is that this feature is only available for those with a business account on the network. Therefore, before using it, you need to switch from a personal to a business profile in the account settings.

Once done, the next step is to log in to TikTok’s desktop version and follow the steps below:

  • At the top of the page, click “+ Upload” to upload your video;
  • Add a caption, a cover, and select who can watch your video;
  • Then, choose the “Scheduled Video” option to select the best day and time for your post;
  • Finally, click on schedule to save the settings and proceed with the posting.

Moreover, it’s worth noting that the platform allows scheduling only up to 10 days in advance, and the video cannot be edited after being scheduled. Thus, if you wish to modify the content, you need to delete the scheduling and redo the process.

Other Tools for Scheduling Posts on TikTok

Besides scheduling posts on TikTok through the platform itself, there are useful tools with free plans available, such as Buffer and Later.

Typically, in the “free” plan, these platforms have some limitations, such as the number of posts that can be scheduled. However, for those starting to produce content, this can be a good first step.

What’s the Best Time to Post on TikTok?

According to research by SocialPilot and SproutSocial, which shows the best times to post on social networks, there are patterns that highlight peak access times in countries with different time zones, which can help understand the ideal moment to schedule your posts.

On TikTok, the days and times that stood out the most were:

  • Tuesday, at 9 AM;
  • Thursday, at 12 PM;
  • Friday, at 5 AM.

This is a starting point to begin testing your content and learning from the platform. However, it’s important to note that only analyzing your results and audience will allow you to find the ideal days and times to succeed on the Chinese social network.

This study can be conducted through TikTok Analytics, which suggests tips on periods when followers are more active, aiding in planning your post scheduling.

Moreover, through the integration between TikTok and Reportei, you can also generate comprehensive reports and dashboards to understand your own results and audience behavior.

How to Better Plan Your TikTok Content

Beyond choosing the best days and times to schedule your TikTok posts, the success of the profile depends on good content planning – considering creativity and originality.

For this, you can rely on Reportei’s 2024 marketing action calendar, which helps plan all social media actions, meetings, and campaigns in a practical and strategic way.

Besides a template to add the planned actions, the calendar includes tips on when to launch campaigns, ensuring no important date is overlooked.

Finally, you can also receive emails with reminders, to keep your TikTok actions even more organized. Take advantage and download this complete material now!

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