How to manage and analyze Facebook Ads custom conversions in Reportei

How to manage and analyze Facebook Ads custom conversions in Reportei
You can now add Facebook Ads custom conversions to Reportei’s tables and graphs. Here’s how!

You can now add Facebook Ads custom conversions to Reportei’s tables and graphs. Here’s how!

 You can analyze your campaigns more efficiently by personalizing your report tables and graphs in Reportei with Facebook Ads custom conversions. 

It makes a world of difference to understanding how specific events perform on your website, helping you forward data to clients, extract significant insights and optimize your ads.

In this article, we’ve gathered everything you need to know about Facebook Ads custom conversions and how to manage results in Reportei. Shall we get started?

What are Facebook Ads custom conversions?

Facebook custom conversions are event settings based on specific user activity on your website. For example, you might determine rules for filtering purchased products on e-commerces, values, or other information. 

This data gives you a detailed insight into how customers behave, and you can even use it to boost your ads, reach wider audiences and drive relevant activity on your website. 

Custom conversions let you:

  • Filter events for detailed data on website user activity;
  • Set up standard events without additional code;
  • Optimize your ads to reach users who are interested in your products;
  • Select conversions relevant to teamwork and share them with your partners.

How to analyze Facebook Ads custom conversions in Reportei

Conversions and activity by type tables were already available in Reportei for analyzing Facebook Ads custom conversions. So, if you’ve set up your ad account with that data, you’ve probably seen it here.

But now, you can customize your reports even further, adding conversions as columns in other tables or series in charts. 

How is that done? We’ll show you a few simple steps below to help you insert custom conversions into our charts and tables.

Custom conversions in tables

One way Reportei stands out is that it leaves you free to create reports and dashboards as you’d like. You can modify any previous tables you’ve made from templates to add relevant info and share it with your team or clients. 

You’ll find a gear-shaped edit button for each table and metric, so you can select the data you’d like to see in each row and column, filter values, and more. 

Facebook custom conversions will appear in the Columns tab (where you manage metrics) under the same names you’ve set in Ads Manager. Simply tick those you’d like to see in the table in your report. 

To help you track that data as accurately as possible, we recommend these tables:

  • Featured campaigns
  • Featured ads
  • Featured ad group

Another great tip is to give them names that are easy to recognize. That makes for more practical analysis and is easy for anyone reading to understand.

Custom conversions in graphs

As for graphs, you can customize them in a similar way. Click the edit button on an existing one and add your conversion metrics to view them. 

You can also create your own graph manually, focused on Facebook Ads custom conversions. 

However, when selecting your preferences, set the dimension to data, as Facebook doesn’t return data from other dimensions. 

Once you’ve done that, save your template with a few clicks to keep generating reports. Then you won’t have to go to the trouble of repeating the entire process every time you need to analyze data from a campaign.

Generate full Facebook Ads reports in seconds!

Along with these new features, Reportei’s Facebook Ads reports have other metrics to help you analyze your social network ad campaigns more fully and accurately.

In a matter of seconds, you can understand how users come into contact with your brand and whether your investments are paying off. You’ll also gain insights to help you optimize your ads. 

Take advantage of the resources in our reports to complement data from the platform by adding your analysis in text, image, or video format. It makes it more practical for your client or decision-makers to understand a project.

What are you waiting for? Start using Reportei now for more efficient assessments of your Facebook Ads custom conversions and other important metrics.

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