Email Marketing and Automation Assistant: Discover What’s New with Reportei AI

Email Marketing and Automation Assistant: Discover What’s New with Reportei AI

Discover the details of the new email marketing and automation assistant and the possibility to generate more insights with the chats available in Reportei AI

Reportei AI has introduced new features to make your analysis more practical and efficient: the email marketing assistant and the possibility to chat with available assistants, aiming to obtain more precise insights for your projects.

Want to know how these two novelties work? Below, we explain all the details about the resources and how to access them within our tool. Follow along!

What is the Email Marketing and Automation Assistant?

In addition to the paid traffic and Instagram assistants, Reportei AI now includes an email marketing and automation assistant, which allows obtaining valuable analysis and insights on this crucial stage of your Inbound Marketing strategies.

Like the other tools, this one offers tips to help create better email campaigns and flows that engage leads, making them progress through the sales funnel and be more prepared to make a purchase decision.

Thus, by accessing Reportei’s AI area, you can choose this option and request an analysis for one of the following automation platforms:

After selecting the integration you wish to analyze, you will need to choose the period and the goal to be achieved, as we will explain further below.

What Analyses Can Be Done?

When requesting an analysis from the email marketing and automation assistant, you can initially choose between three objectives to improve your results:

  • Overview: to receive insights about the account and campaigns in general, which helps identify important patterns and trends according to the studied period;
  • Best campaign: shows which campaign stood out the most and offers suggestions to increase open and click-through rates;
  • Best automation flow: identifies the flows that performed best in the period and gives tips for better structuring the lead nurturing process.

Regardless of the chosen goal, the assistant proposes an analysis based on specific metrics, crossing data more quickly and accurately.

Thus, the marketing analyst has more time available to focus on planning efficient actions, aligned with the projects’ needs and the client’s business.

By the way, the email marketing and automation assistant is already available in all Reportei plans, except for the starter – which does not have integration with the platforms compatible with the functionality.

What is Chatting with AI Assistants?

Along with this third artificial intelligence assistant, another novelty arrived in our AI area: the possibility to chat with the assistants’ chats, to ask questions about the results and insights delivered by the tool.

That is, you can continue the conversation with AI, as done with ChatGPT, for example. Right after receiving the first response, a box is unlocked to send your requests:

However, to take advantage of this feature, you need to have a complete Reportei AI plan. When generating an insight and unlocking the chat, two more interactions will be available for you to send your messages.

But if you want to send more than two messages, the user will need to spend the available AI credits, with one credit equal to three messages. This way, there is the possibility to continue the conversation and reach the most accurate suggestions for your strategy.

How to Use the Chat Efficiently?

Whether for the paid traffic, Instagram, or email marketing assistant, the chat provides a space to align insights with the project’s reality. Here are examples for each type of platform:

  • For the paid traffic assistant, you might ask for tips to produce more attractive creatives for users or to optimize investments in channels, aiming to achieve the best ROI for the campaign;
  • The Instagram assistant can provide suggestions for contents to be published on profiles, focusing on increasing engagement with followers. All this considering the formats that work for the account;
  • Finally, the email marketing and automation assistant might indicate better titles and CTAs, in case you need to improve the open and click-through rates of the sent campaigns.

It’s important to remember that the command sent to the chat makes all the difference in the outcome. The more specific it is, the better the insights obtained in the AI assistant’s response.

Enjoy Smart Analysis in Reports

In addition to access to the assistants, Reportei AI also offers smart analyses within your reports. That is, the tool interprets the data for you, comprehensively, and delivers suggestions on how to implement actions that further improve the obtained results.

See below an example of AI analysis in a report:

With this information being filled in automatically, marketing professionals have more availability to make planning efficient and fully aligned with the client’s needs.

How to Subscribe to Reportei AI?

Now that you know everything Reportei AI offers to users, it’s important to know the details of the plans. Artificial intelligence is available in all accounts for testing, whether in report analyses or in the assistants’ area.

However, for those who wish to go further, it’s possible to subscribe to a complete plan with AI, which provides more credits to perform your analyses and obtain more precise insights in all registered projects. Just choose

the one that best suits your needs and start enjoying the benefits.

Take advantage now to learn about the Reportei AI plans and start your free trial!

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