The best stock video sites for blogs and social media

The best stock video sites for blogs and social media
Check out our list of the best free stock video sites for your content.

Check out our list of the best free stock video sites for your content

Audiovisual content has taken over social media helping brands attract and interact with their audiences more and more. Many businesses have adopted stock video sites to help them post this type of content more regularly. 

Stock video sites are dynamic, mostly free, and have a lot to offer if you want to create quality content but still don’t have a structure to make your own.

In this article, we’ll go over the benefits of including audiovisual content in your digital marketing strategy and list 5 sites for downloading free footage for commercial use. Let’s get to it?

Why should you include videos in your content strategy?

Nowadays, videos are no doubt the most valuable format for users. That’s because, besides being more attractive, they also promote higher engagement making it easier to absorb information.

Social media has been promoting audiovisual content more and more. Youtube and TikTok are exclusively audiovisual, and Instagram’s Reels has also jumped on the bandwagon when it comes to short, personalized video content.

Videos are the primary source of new trends and viral content online, winning users over and defining how brands and influencers draw the attention of their audiences. 

But it isn’t all a bed of roses, and we know it’s not always easy to create a structure for posting videos frequently. That’s where stock video sites come in handy, making it practical for businesses to post even if they can’t record authentic content often. 

Since you can work with all sorts of topics, stock videos are a piece of the puzzle that will fit the needs of your social media or site. 

But where can you find free footage for commercial use? We got you covered! Keep reading to find the best way to lighten your marketing team’s work routine.

The 5 best free stock video sites

To help you produce audiovisual content, we put together a list of the 5 best free stock video sites for blogs and social media. Keep reading!

1. Pixabay

Pixabay is one of the most popular stock video sites on the internet. You can find thousands of free clips and videos on a wide variety of themes in its library. Just use the search bar to find footage to fit your content.

Best of all, any footage licensed by Pixabay can be used on any platform, even commercially. No need to request permission or credit the author.

2. Pexels

Pexels is another valuable website with footage on a wide range of topics to use for your blog or social media.

You can find videos that suit your strategy by using the search bar for personal or commercial use. Again, no need to credit the author.

3. Coverr

Coverr is known for high-quality footage that can also be used without crediting the author. 

You can navigate the site for different themes like nature, people, business, work, lifestyle, and more and download videos in MP4 format, with HD resolution and even 4K.

4. Videezy

Videezy is one of the richest stock video sites in the world and has a wide variety of high-quality content, including in 4K. Besides having all sorts of footage, Videezy also has backgrounds and templates from After Effects to help you edit your content with ease. 

The difference between Videezy and the other stock video sites we mentioned, you must credit the author, whether you’re using footage personally or commercially.

5. Mazwai

We’ll end our list with Mazwai, a stock video site with lots of variety and free, high-quality content.

All the footage on the site is royalty-free and can be downloaded in HD or 4K. To find content that matches your strategy, navigate the categories or use the search bar. 

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