How to Convince Your Client to Invest in Paid Traffic?

How to Convince Your Client to Invest in Paid Traffic?

Your client is hesitant to invest in paid traffic? Discover how to convince them with these 7 advantages

Investing in paid traffic is one of the most relevant strategies for those looking to accelerate digital marketing results, whether it’s to increase brand recognition, generate leads, or achieve a higher number of sales.

However, it’s not always easy to make clients understand the benefits of these actions and agree to invest money in ad campaigns, right?

Therefore, we’ve prepared this article to help you persuade them about the importance of this strategy for their business development and have listed 7 advantages that demonstrate why investing in paid traffic is worthwhile. Stay with us!

But first, what is paid traffic?

Investing in paid traffic is simply a strategy that uses ad campaigns to direct more users to your website and achieve a specific objective, like generating more leads or sales.

As a digital marketing advertising action, it requires a budget to reach the right people and generate short-to-medium term results for the company.

Additionally, paid traffic actions can be carried out on various channels, depending on the objective and audience. Among the main ones are Google, social networks (Facebook and Instagram), YouTube, and much more.

Since strategies focused on organic approaches take a bit longer to yield returns, it’s worthwhile to invest in paid traffic to boost online presence and achieve better results.

Why should your client invest in paid traffic? Here are 7 reasons

But if your client doesn’t understand why investing in paid traffic is relevant for their business development, don’t worry! We’ve listed below 7 arguments that will surely help you in your mission to convince them. Let’s go?

  1. Short-to-medium term results

One of the main benefits of investing in paid traffic is the quicker return obtained from ad campaigns. After all, if well planned and executed, this strategy will deliver the right campaign at the right time.

That means, for someone at the bottom of the funnel and ready to decide on a solution, a well-crafted ad can lead to a sale that wouldn’t happen as quickly organically.

  1. Greater possibility of generating conversions

When targeted to the right audiences, paid traffic campaigns can increase your site’s reach and, consequently, the chances of generating conversions.

With the ability to set objectives for each campaign, you have the convenience of deciding which types of conversions to generate and closely monitor the performance of each ad, making optimizations whenever necessary.

  1. Strategies for all stages of the funnel

Another interesting argument to use with your client is the ability to define ad strategies for all stages of the sales funnel, from problem discovery to purchase closure.

For example, in Facebook Ads, you find various objectives related to the top, middle, and bottom of the funnel, which can help boost brand recognition, content engagement, and even conversions on your site, especially if you have an e-commerce.

  1. Variety of channels to invest in

By investing in paid traffic, your client also has the advantage of choosing from a wide range of online channels, like Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

Each platform has its benefits for specific objectives. In Google’s search network, for example, companies tend to bet on ads more targeted to the bottom of the funnel, as the creatives will only reach those actively searching for the purchased keyword.

  1. Recognition of the client’s brand

With the constant broadcasting of ads, a company that invests in paid traffic aims to increase its online presence and make the brand known to the public.

Therefore, even if conversion doesn’t happen at first, there’s still the possibility of generating identification with the user and turning them into a future customer.

  1. Increased competitiveness

Of course, we couldn’t forget to mention the increase in competitiveness compared to competitors, right?

More than ever, companies are making substantial investments in paid traffic to reach their potential customers and occupy the top spot in search rankings. Therefore, if your client isn’t in this race yet, it’s time to change that!

  1. More precise analysis of campaign performance

To round up our list of advantages of investing in paid traffic, we must highlight the more accurate analysis of campaign performance, which can be done more precisely than in offline media.

The channels themselves offer complete reports on the performance of each ad and insights for necessary optimizations. In other words, your client gets access to all the data and the return on their investments.

If they are still taking their first steps in digital marketing, there are tools that simplify the collection of metrics and communication of results with the decision-maker, like Reportei.

In our platform, you generate paid traffic reports in just three seconds and can even complement them with text, video, or image analyses.

Thus, in addition to making data collection more efficient, you deliver a much more accurate analysis to your client, increasing their confidence in your work and encouraging them to continue investing in paid traffic.

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