What to expect from Reportei in 2023

What to expect from Reportei in 2023
New metrics, integrations, and options for customizing coming this 2023 to Reportei! Here’s a sneak peek!

New metrics, integrations, and options for customizing coming this 2023 to Reportei! Here’s a sneak peek!

If 2022 was a year full of new Reportei updates, 2023 is clearly following suit. Our team has been diligently working to deliver new updates throughout the coming months. We have new integrations, metrics, options for customizing templates, and free tools in store!

If you’re curious about what to expect, here’s an article with 9 spoilers of our plans to help our clients and marketers interested in boosting data analysis. Check it out!

1. Focusing on your productivity

Our purpose at Reportei has always been to help clients optimize time and become more productive on the go. We do that by reducing the number of manual tasks through automating processes and allowing for more strategic digital marketing results analyses. 

Our mission remains the same for 2023, focused primarily on improving our tool to fit a variety of business types. You can absolutely expect to see new metrics and resources in channels that already integrate with our platform and in new integrations to come.

2. More metrics for integrations 

2022 brought some anxiously awaited metrics to Reportei, like Reels data (reach, interactions, and featured videos). That was also when we updated manual metrics (which allowed users to pre-set metrics manually) and added new graphs and tables to complement reports.

You can expect nothing less in 2023! We’re working on more metrics that will import data automatically from channels that integrate with our tool (paid traffic analytics, in particular).

3. New integrations are on the way

Besides metrics, new integrations are on their way! In 2022, we released reports for TikTok, Twitter Ads, Pinterest, Hotmart, ActiveCampaign, and Phonetrack. 

We’re not spoiling the surprise yet by talking about our new network integrations. But you can keep new Ads channels, Inbound Marketing, and CRM platforms on your radar (like Hubspot!). 

So that means giving you more than you need for a birds-eye-view of the sales funnel and metrics along the way.

4. Reportei Control Updates 

To help you analyze data and make decisions more efficiently, we gave you Reportei Control, a feature for monitoring project indicators and helping you find solutions more quickly. 

So in 2023, we’re looking to develop that feature, optimizing it to give you fuller control of your customer’s results, predictability, and avoiding any unwanted surprises throughout the month.

5. Reportei Control Updates 

Along with our new integrations and metrics, we‘re taking customization to a more personal level, so you can create your reports and dashboards as you’d like. From channels to metrics and analysis, our new developments help you convey the most relevant information to customers and make decisions more strategically.

6. Tools to help marketing professionals on the go

Beyond our brand new optimizations in the tools our customers already use, our goal is to change the work routine of digital marketing professionals for the better. So, we’re committed to the quality of our tools.

Within the next year, we’ll be developing our tools and training programs to help equip professionals to move forward in their digital marketing careers.

7. Highly trained Support team

From the start, Reportei has always been able to count on an efficient support team, ready to take on any challenge. Our analysts are standing by with the best solutions to any questions about the tool or challenges with integrations.

In 2023, our support team will stay focused on the relationship with clients, answering questions and solving problems as quickly as possible.

8. Taking part in events

Another thing is that we make sure our teams go to digital marketing events. In 2022, we had booths at Fire Festival and RD Summit. It gives us fellowship with our audience and wonderful moments catching up with clients.

Also, our founders, Renan Caixeiro and Rodrigo Nunes took part in two other incredible events. The first edition of Subido, held for the Pedro Sobral community, and Inbound, organized by Hubspot in Boston, USA.

Those events were key to delving deeper into new updates and trends in the digital market, opening doors to take us further in 2023 as participants or sponsors.

9. Loads of relevant content in our channels

Last, if you follow our blog or on other platforms (social networks and YouTube, you’ve probably noticed that 2022 was chock-full of content to go along with our updates, market trends, and tips to help improve digital marketing performance. 

That’s going to continue throughout 2023. We’re already putting together content to deepen your knowledge of the strategies in place for your clients and increase the value of your services. 

By the way, that’s where we usually announce Reportei updates. If you follow us, you get the news firsthand. Follow us now and check out our content through these links:

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