What’s the best tool you can use to create digital marketing reports?

What’s the best tool you can use to create digital marketing reports?
Efficient reporting software is essential for presenting data quickly and increasing your marketing team’s productivity.

Efficient reporting software is essential for presenting data quickly and increasing your marketing team’s productivity.

Developing effective digital marketing strategies requires consistency in tracking and measuring the results of implemented actions. Nothing better than using a practical tool to help you create reports with precision.

Good reporting software should go beyond automation. You should be able to integrate it with a variety of social media and other tools. It should also make it easy for your 

marketing team or decision-maker to understand and measure data, and, of course, it must be customizable. 

If you’re still not sure which tool you should be using to measure your digital marketing results, don’t sweat! Here, we’ll talk about what to look for in a reporting tool and how it should benefit your marketing agency or business. Keep reading!

How can marketing professionals optimize their routine by using reporting tools?

How can marketing professionals optimize their routine by using reporting tools?

Gone are the days when you had to capture data manually to measure marketing actions. Gathering data took up precious time, so less was spent interpreting results assertively and planning efficient strategies. 

With communication and digital services evolving, the market now offers a variety of software we can choose from to create reports and, theoretically, add practicality to the routine of marketing analysts.

But do you know what makes reporting tools handy for your business or marketing agency? To start, it should help you optimize your measuring of social media metrics. 

Automation means your team no longer needs to gather results manually and has more time to focus on strategic marketing decisions. 

Professionals are more productive and can channel their efforts to what matters: strengthening digital presence. 

For a marketing agency or freelancer, this means more freedom to develop services, improve quality and increase their client base as a result.

Internal marketing teams can focus on strategy, which makes a difference in business development as a whole.

But the pros should by no means end with automation. Good reporting software must also provide a quality experience for marketing professionals who use it and decision-makers who access that data.

We put together three benefits that software for automatic reporting should include. Check it out!

Richer social media data

Digital marketing is evolving beyond social media, providing more opportunities for different channels to integrate. A good tool for building reports should offer the most complete data possible for medias that matter most in the market. 

Of course, social media like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are definitely relevant. But we’re sure that your client/decision-maker will want to be kept in the loop as far as results from Google Ads, Analytics, Search Console, RD station, Mailchimp, and many others!

It’s easy to understand

It doesn’t make much sense to generate data automatically if the report is confusing to read, right?

Much more than capturing information effectively, good reporting software makes understanding results practical. A good tool provides layouts that are relevant to your client’s business, graphs to show development over time, and room for complementing analyses.

When we say it makes interpretation easy, we don’t mean that it only benefits marketing professionals! Clients will also access reports, and the results should be clear and precise.

Customizable reports

Every project comes with unique goals and success indicators. So it makes sense that customizing document layouts to fit the needs of your client is imperative. Quality reporting software can help you.  

You’ll be able to present the most meaningful data firsthand, then focus on interpreting other metrics or media that complement your strategy.

Reportei: Here’s the most comprehensive tool for creating reports

Now that you know what good reporting software should add to your marketing agency or business, we’ll introduce you to Reportei. Our comprehensive and flexible software was specially developed to help digital marketing professionals increase productivity and act more strategically day-to-day.

Our software makes it easy to capture data quickly and automatically from different social media channels like: 

  • Facebook and Facebook Ads;
  • Instagram and Instagram Stories;
  • Google Analytics;
  • Google Ads;
  • Google Search Console;
  • Google My Business;
  • RD Station;
  • YouTube;
  • LinkedIn and LinkedIn Ads;
  • Mailchimp.

The benefits don’t end there. Let’s look at some other perks Reportei offers to help you improve your strategy and communication with your clients. 

Creating professional reports in only 3 seconds

That’s right! After integrating your social media with Reportei, you’ll only need three seconds to generate complete, professional reports for your clients. 

Having data from the social medias listed above at hand will give you more time to break down results assertively and improve communication with your client/decision-maker.

Reports and dashboards are 100% customizable

Besides reports, Reportei provides dashboards that allow your client to look through data from different periods at will, bringing them closer to the project and getting them more involved in decision-making.

Exclusive features

Reportei also provides two exclusive features you can use to present clients with richer reports: Analyses and Timeline. 

The first means you can insert an analysis in text format, videos, or images to complement metrics in each report.  You can also add as many of these as you’d like to any part of the document.

The Timeline was developed to make it easy to build up project history, so you can register events like meetings, campaigns, and important marks. It helps you develop the digital marketing of your business further.

Did you like reading about Reportei’s unique features? Then here’s a bonus benefit! You can try our reporting software free for three days before deciding if you want to subscribe!

What are you waiting for? Sign up now and start using the most efficient tool for your digital marketing reports!

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