How Does the RD Station Partnership Program Work?

How Does the RD Station Partnership Program Work?

Discover the RD Station partnership program, the advantages it offers, and how to join

For agencies offering digital marketing services, participating in partnership programs like RD Station’s is crucial in enhancing delivery, retaining clients, and, of course, boosting market credibility.

Such partnerships are instrumental in optimizing agency processes and maximizing digital tools within projects, ensuring positive outcomes for both the company and its clients.

If you’re not yet familiar with how the RD Station partnership program operates, don’t worry. We’ve prepared this article to clear up any doubts and discuss its benefits. Stay with us!

What is RD Station?

First, it’s worth introducing RD Station and what it provides as a comprehensive software for those selling inbound marketing services.

Since its inception in 2011, the company has offered a marketing automation platform that delivers solutions across all sales funnel stages. Its key tools include:

  • RD Station Marketing: focuses on marketing automation to capture and nurture leads, turning them into valuable business opportunities;
  • RD CRM: automates the sales process and aids in optimizing commercial team management;
  • Mentor AI: an artificial intelligence tool that assists in content production, offers a virtual assistant for customer communication, and enhances daily productivity;
  • RD Station Conversations: a platform that unifies contact channels with the audience, including WhatsApp, to optimize customer service processes.

These solutions cater to both companies with internal marketing departments and agencies providing inbound marketing services to other organizations. The latter group is particularly targeted by the partnership program, as we’ll explain further.

What is the RD Station Partnership Program?

Perfect for agencies aiming to attract more clients and deliver the best possible results with marketing automation, the RD Station partnership program already boasts over 2000 partners globally, impacting 7500 clients with its benefits.

The collaboration proposition allows agencies to resell the software while receiving full support to offer top services, enhance team productivity, and increase earnings through commission gains and new client acquisitions.

In essence, RD benefits from the increased sales of its solutions, while you enjoy greater development in the agency market.

Who is the RD Partners Program for?

So, who can join the RD Station partnership program? According to the company, the collaboration is suitable for digital and content marketing agencies, full-service agencies, and marketing and sales consultancies.

Moreover, even those not yet offering digital services can start in the field in partnership with RD, as it assists in expanding the portfolio and boosting revenue with new products.

How to Join the Partnership Program?

To join the RD Station partnership program, you must first be a legal entity with an initial client base. Meeting these criteria, the agency should contact the platform and follow these steps:

  • Complete a quick quiz about your company’s commercial process to identify the ideal development path with the partnership;
  • Undergo the onboarding period, which provides strategic consultants to help achieve your first success case with RD Station Marketing and plan marketing, sales, management, and customer success actions for your business;
  • Finally, sign the partnership agreement, formalizing the collaboration between your agency and RD.

Upon officially joining the program, the new partner is placed in one of its tiers: Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. Participation allows for tier advancement based on the results from selling the software and client strategy development.

A success consultant, assigned post-onboarding, monitors the evaluation criteria, contributing to the agency’s efficient and healthy growth.

Advantages of Joining the RD Station Partnership Program

If you’re still wondering whether it’s worth joining the RD Station partnership program, consider the benefits it provides, such as:

  • Increasing your recurring revenue through inbound marketing services and monthly commissions from RD tool sales;
  • Access to exclusive courses and training for your teams, plus contact with over 2000 agencies already in the program;
  • Earning the RD Station Seal, distinguishing your business in the market and helping attract more clients;
  • Listing in the platform’s marketplace after six months of partnership, another channel for qualified leads and sales opportunities.

In short, RD Partners offers a comprehensive structure for agencies looking to stand out and gain greater market credibility.

Reportei is also a Partner of RD Station!

Speaking of great partnerships, it’s worth noting that Reportei is also an RD partner, offering complete reports with metrics from the marketing and CRM platform.

This means you can analyze your data efficiently and in conjunction with other channels in your strategy, gaining insights to improve your clients’ results.

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