Verified Profile on Instagram and Other Social Networks: What’s the Importance?

Verified Profile on Instagram and Other Social Networks: What’s the Importance?

Find out why having a verified profile on Instagram is important and get tips on how to request yours

Whether for businesses, content creators, or public figures in general, having a verified profile on Instagram and other social networks, like Twitter, is a great way to convey more authenticity and credibility to your audience.

After all, when we see that blue badge with a “check” symbol next to the username, it means that the social network has confirmed that the person/brand is who they claim to be and that they are genuinely working to produce content and engage with their followers.

The process to request the coveted verified profile on Instagram or other networks is quite simple. However, the review conducted by these channels is quite thorough, and few accounts earn the badge.

Below, we tell you all the advantages of requesting verification, provide a step-by-step guide, and offer tips that may help in the process. Continue reading to find out more!

3 Benefits of Having a Verified Account on Instagram and Other Social Networks Everyone knows that the blue verification badge is valuable and catches users’ attention. But, in practice, do you know how it can generate better results for a brand or public figure?

There are many benefits associated with earning the badge for your profile, but we have selected the three main ones here: credibility, audience growth, and improved search result performance.

  1. Credibility As mentioned at the beginning of this article, one of the advantages of having a verified profile on Instagram is the almost instant transmission of credibility to network users.

With the constant growth of social media and the arrival of brands, influencers, and even fake accounts, people want to easily differentiate those who create quality content from those who are there just to “get likes” or sell their products/services.

After all, the main goal of being on a social network is to develop relationships, as your audience is not there just to consume empty posts and check out brand catalogs.

Therefore, when Instagram or another network verifies an account, they are indicating that the profile is not only original but also concerned with authenticity and quality content.

  1. Audience Growth Having a verified profile does not mean that you will become an overnight success and gain millions of followers. However, one of the results of having credibility is gaining users’ trust and, over time, growing your audience.

As one of the criteria for earning the blue badge is producing original and quality content, eventually, you will gain more prominence for having it on your account and attract the right audience.

It’s also worth remembering that having a thousand followers or a million, in this case, does not make a difference for verification. What really counts is the authenticity and relevance of what you are sharing with these people.

  1. Search Results Another point that is also very advantageous for verified accounts is performance in social media search results, as the profile gains more prominence and often appears at the top of the results when someone searches for it or something related.

This is quite positive to help you be found by people who actively want to engage with you or who are searching for something related to your brand.

How to Have a Verified Account on Instagram?

Applying for a verified profile on Instagram is very simple. Follow these steps:

  1. Access your profile, then in the top right corner, go to the options tab to perform actions on your account.
  2. Click on “Settings”, and then on “Account”.
  3. In this area, select “Request Verification”.
  4. Fill in the requested details, send a photo ID (such as an ID card or driver’s license), and if applicable, attach other documents or links that prove your credibility, like a link to an article about you or your brand.
  5. The final step is to wait for Instagram’s review of your request. The notification with the network’s response can take up to a week.

As it’s a rigorous process, Instagram may not offer the badge right away. But don’t worry, you can request it again, with a 30-day interval between attempts.

Additionally, you can follow good practices to meet Instagram’s criteria and facilitate their review. Below, we tell you the main ones!

What are the Requirements to Get the Badge?

The analysis done by Instagram and other social networks for providing the verified profile badge considers not only the data you provide but also what you publish, your behavior on the channel, among other things.

Here are some criteria that make a difference for a brand or public figure going through this process:

  • Authenticity: Social networks need to verify if you are who you say you are. Your bio information, website/other channels link, and published content greatly help in this verification.
  • Quality Content: It’s not just about having a constant presence on the network, but about being relevant to your audience. Therefore, pay close attention to what you share with your followers and be original.
  • Terms of Use: Instagram, like other networks, has very clear rules about user behavior. Following them is essential to get a verified account.
  • Recognition: To earn the badge, the brand or person needs to be somewhat known (regardless of how many followers they have). Therefore, the more positive external information the network finds about you, the better for your reputation.
  • Presence on Other Networks: And if the external image counts, it means that your presence on other networks, such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, will also be evaluated. Show that you have an active life on these other channels and, if possible, try to get verification badges on some of them to increase your credibility.

Wow, the process doesn’t seem so simple now, does it? However, the thorough review of all these requirements is what ensures the authenticity of all accounts. That’s why they are so important.

The good news is that by following them, you will be able to stand out and even increase your credibility before even getting a verified profile.

How to Get a Verified Profile on Instagram through Meta

Verified Tired just looking at the bureaucracy to get the verification badge on your profile? Whether due to laziness or because your profile is still new, there’s a more practical alternative to verify your account on Instagram: subscribing to the Meta Verified plan.

What is Meta Verified?

Meta Verified is a subscription service created to help profiles strengthen their presence on Instagram and Facebook, ensuring a verification badge and a more professional impression for the account.

The plan costs R$55 per month and offers greater protection against fraud, support in Portuguese, as well as exclusive stickers for stories. Meta announced that, initially, the Meta Verified services will be available first for content creator profiles. Businesses and commercial accounts are not yet eligible, but should have access to a similar offer soon.

How to Verify the Profile through Meta Verified

  • Access the Facebook or Instagram profile;
  • Click on “Settings”;
  • Select “Account Center”;
  • Access “Meta Verified”;
  • Read the benefits of the feature and click on “Subscribe” at the bottom of the screen;
  • Select the profile to subscribe to Meta Verified;
  • Click on “Pay Now” and select a payment method;
  • Wait for the verification process and send an identification document.

After making the payment, you must send a copy of an official photo ID to confirm your identity. According to the Meta group, the verification process can take up to 48 hours.

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