Instagram Analytics: Discover the Tool and Learn How to Use It

Instagram Analytics: Discover the Tool and Learn How to Use It

Learn how to use Instagram Analytics to gain the best insights for your strategy

With Instagram Analytics, also known as Instagram Insights, you can closely monitor how the audience interacts with your content, making your actions on the social network much more strategic.

This tool is freely available for business or content creator accounts and can be easily accessed through the app.

But, beyond accessing important metrics such as reach or engagement, it’s crucial to know how to analyze them and use these results as insights to increase the success of your profile.

Below, we cover everything you need to know about Instagram Analytics and how to leverage your account using the data available in the tool. Follow along!

Discover Instagram Analytics and Learn Why to Use the Tool

The main proposition of Instagram Analytics is to provide the right insights so you can track the performance of your account on the network and direct your strategies towards what really matters to your audience.

Accessing the tool is quite simple, as long as your account is a Business account. Just go to your profile in the app, click on the main menu (located in the top right corner of the screen), and then select the Insights option.

You’ll enter an area with an overview of the account’s results and can also explore metrics related to the content published, whether they’re feed posts, stories, Reels, or IGTV.

Viewing is by period (last week, fortnight, or month, for example), and you can access data up to two years in the past for some features.

In other words, you can understand in great detail which posts generate the most interactions on your account, what the profile of the interacting followers is, and devise the best actions to stand out more and more on the network.

Metrics Available in Instagram Insights

Upon entering Instagram Insights, you’ll have both a broader view of the results and individual information of the content shared in the selected period.

In the general view, information is available on reach, impressions, and account activities (such as profile views and clicks on the bio link, phone, email, among others), interactions with the content (by type), the number of followers, and demographic data about the audience — such as age range, location, gender, and interaction times.

In the specific data of the publications, we can see not only metrics of reach and impressions (separated by hashtags, feed, and profile) but also engagement. You can monitor:

  • the number of likes, comments, and shares;
  • posts saved by followers;
  • and views (in the case of videos).

In the case of stories, which are more interactive, some other metrics are also available. Here they are:

  • forwards;
  • clicks on the link (if you have this function enabled);
  • clicks to go back (to the previous story);
  • exits;
  • responses;
  • and profile visits.

These engagement metrics are also available for other Instagram content formats, like Reels, IGTV, and Live Broadcasts.

How to Use the Data to Your Advantage

Phew! Now that you’ve discovered everything Instagram Analytics can offer for your result analysis, it’s time to learn how to use all this information to enhance your performance on the network.

First of all, it’s essential to take advantage of the general information about your audience to understand who you are talking to and how you can tailor your content for these people.

Data on location, age, and gender can and should influence your language and the way you transmit information. A predominantly young audience, for example, will be much more interested in topics if they come along with trends from their generation.

Moreover, these metrics reveal the best times to interact with your followers and share news on your profile.

In relation to content data, use Instagram Analytics to gain insights into topics that generate positive debates and formats that are most successful. If users interact better with your stories and videos, there’s no point in insisting all the time on static feed posts, right?

Always remember that Instagram’s proposal is to create dialogues, not just deliver content. Invest in quality and, whenever possible, engage your audience in conversation. In a short time, we’re sure that you’ll see the return in Instagram Insights.

Generate Complete Instagram Analytics Reports in Seconds

As simple as it is to navigate Instagram Analytics and obtain the metrics provided by this resource, there are tools available on the market that deliver the same results in seconds, in an even more practical and visually appealing way.

This is the case with Reportei, software that generates complete reports of Instagram Business and other important social networks, like Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

With report automation, it’s possible to quickly capture the most relevant information and focus your time on what really matters: precise analysis of the results and development of more effective strategies for your profile

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