Reportei Templates for Reports: Check out our new versions

Reportei Templates for Reports: Check out our new versions
Besides standard report templates, you can now use specific Inbound and Paid Traffic versions

Besides standard report templates, you can now use specific Inbound and Paid Traffic versions

If social media is not the main aim of your project, here’s some good news!  We’ve recently added new report templates to Reportei for those whose projects focus on Inbound Marketing or Paid Traffic. 

Two new models are already available in our software version 4, where you can also find our classic report templates prioritizing Instagram and Facebook results. Our latest versions present channels and metrics in an order that reflects your client’s goals and main objective more efficiently.

Next, we’ll tell you all you need to know about our new Reportei templates, as well as how to adapt them to the expectations of your project decision-maker.

Our new report templates at Reportei focus on the goals of client

In the Digital Marketing universe, there are quite a few solutions to offer clients. Some examples are Social media management, content marketing, media and performance, or even complete Inbound Marketing projects.

Just as they differ in scope, the indicators and goals you need to measure are also unique. So, it stands to reason that your priorities will change when presenting results to clients.

With that in mind, besides giving you the option of developing your models, we’ve added two new report templates to help you choose what channels and metrics to highlight for your client’s benefit. 

These templates focus on Inbound Marketing projects and paid Traffic, though we’ll soon be releasing more to suit other digital services. You can select one of our new versions by following the first step for creating a template and selecting either one. Here is an example:

Here’s how they’re organized:

Inbound Marketing projects Template

In our Inbound Marketing template, the channels are organized to help you easily measure your sales funnel. At the top of the report, you’ll find the RD Station results.

While RD metrics are placed at the end of a standard template, they come first in our new version so you can view conversion, qualification, opportunities, and sales numbers from the start.

Next are metrics that compile site traffic, most visited pages, and traffic source results from Google Analytics, as well as organic positioning from Search Console.

Paid media channels follow (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and LinkedIn Ads), where you can measure the investment rate and results of each campaign. The list goes on with the social media data that matters most, like new followers, reach, impressions, and performance of posts. 

Finally, if your Mailchimp is integrated with Reportei, you can analyze e-mail marketing metrics at the end of the report, which gathers data from e-mail actions for developing relationships.

Templates for Paid Traffic

The template for paid traffic highlights paid media that integrate with our platform in this order: Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and LinkedIn Ads.

It’s a very complete model you can use to simplify your in-depth evaluation of each Ad result (emphasis on Rate of Investment, Cost per Click (CPC), Cost per Mile (CPM), Click-through Rate (CTR), and Conversion Rate).

Next, the template displays social media data, RD station, and finally, full Google Analytics metrics.

It’s worth saying that no information from standard report templates is lost when you use a new version. The only difference is that data and measuring results are organized according to how much they matter to each project.

You can customize any of our report templates

Our new report templates don’t change features available from the third version forward. You can still customize and save templates according to how relevant they are to individual projects. 

 When creating a report, you can choose from any of our models, such as standard, Inbound, or Paid Traffic. You can also access your creations in the option under those first three.

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