The daily routine of a Social Media manager includes constantly searching for tools to for optimizing his or her work and keeping up to date with the latest trends of the business world.

Many of them come in the form of Google extensions, and anyone can access them with a simple click on the navigator.

These extensions, which are available at Chrome Web Store, are simply features that provide a better user experience in different ways such as increasing productivity, site security, monitoring of SEO strategies and other services.

Today we’ll be introducing three of the most useful to a Social Media manager’s everyday work life.

Keep reading to find out more about the ones we recommend and install the best free Google Chrome extensions to improve your work on Social Media.  

1. Bitly

Bitly, no doubt acts as a right arm for anyone who needs to share content containing links to social media, but doesn’t want long URLs on their site or blog.

This tool is already very popular among those who work with digital marketing. But besides using it for your own site, it’s also available in the form of an extension on  Google Chrome.

You can use it to create short (customized) links is a couple seconds. All you have to do is click the Bitly icon on your toolbar, or right click on the page.

Your link will be copied to the clipboard, ready to be pasted anywhere in your posts. Simple, isn’t it? 

2. Save to Facebook

One of the most important jobs of a Social media manager is to come up with references for planning and producing the content of his or her clients.

One of the tools available in Google Chrome extensions that can best help you with this is Save to Facebook.

You can use it to save videos, articles and other content you find on the web directly to your Facebook and go back to what you’ve found any time to check it out.

3. Emoji Keyboard

Google Chrome’s emoji keyboard extension can be a lifesaver if you often use emojis to make your captions, comments, and messages more fun and attractive.

That’s because of its incredible emoji collection, which you can access with a single click on your browser, no need to look on other sites.  

But the advantages don`t end at making it easy to find your favorite emoji. This tool is also constantly updated, and that means it always provides the latest emojis to help you with your texts for social media.

How can I find and install Google Chrome extensions?

To find these and other Google Chrome extensions, all you have to do is access Chrome Web Store, select the Extensions tab, and use the search bar to find the ones most relevant to your tasks.

When you find the features you need, click Use on Chrome to install and set configurations as requested or necessary.

After that, the extensions will be ready to use right on your browser (next to the search bar), and you can click on the Extensions button and then Manage Extensions to choose which will remain active and fixed on the toolbar.

Now that you know all about our three recommended free Google Chrome extensions, let us know which you consider essential to your everyday  Social Media tasks. Leave a comment below! 

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