Reportei Academy: check out the courses on our platform!

Reportei Academy: check out the courses on our platform!
Here’s what you need to know about Reportei Academy and Precifiquei, the first course available on our platform.

Here’s what you need to know about Reportei Academy and Precifiquei, the first course available on our platform

Beyond providing a tool for measuring the results of digital marketing strategies, we aim to help marketing agencies and freelancers develop and consistently offer their clients the best services.

With that in mind, we’ve recently developed and launched Reportei Academy! This course platform is specifically designed for those who want to learn quickly and practically, gaining knowledge that applies to their reality. 

Sounds like only a dream when we put it like that, doesn’t it? But in this article, we’ll walk you through what you need to know about our new platform and how it works. We’ll also talk about Precifiquei, the first course available at Reportei Academy. Keep reading!

Reportei Academy: Here’s what our platform has to offer 

When we think of the structure of courses and certifications nowadays, what comes to mind are pricey, time-consuming, complex learning journeys. They are usually filled with theoretical classes, and at the end, the knowledge gained throughout the course is not that easy to apply. 

So, the first piece of good news to share about our Reportei Academy platform is that it’s nothing like that.

Our courses are tailored to the needs of our clients, aligning three essential pillars. These are: to provide a brief and objective theoretical base, a practical tool, and all the information needed for adapting that knowledge to different realities.

In addition to speeding up the learning curve, our goal is to offer high-quality content, of course.  

We don’t expect our students to magically reach their goals. Instead, we provide the necessary tools, support, and insight to help them work more strategically, creating actions that yield positive results. 

Below, we’ll get into the behind-the-scenes of Reportei Academy’s development and talk about how the platform works. You can also check out the details in this launch by Renan Caixeiro (CMO), Rodrigo Nunes (CTO), and Rodrigo Barbosa (the Education and Operation Manager of Reportei):  

How it all started

One of the kick-offs that made Reportei Academy a reality was our Freela Calculator. It’s a tool has helped freelancers and marketing agencies price their services during the last five years. It has been used to calculate more than 150 thousand estimates up to date.

But monitoring it over time, we realized that although we had successfully delivered a useful market-appropriate tool, there were still many questions about the practical side of applying the estimates.

In other words, the demand wasn’t only for a product to help with pricing in practical terms. There was also a need for content on selling services, projecting gains, and increasing profit. 

This was the starting point from where we added our knowledge and market experience to the Calculator, which resulted in Precifiquei, our first course. Along with that, we built a platform to encourage autonomy and differentiation for marketing agencies and freelancers who want to stand out in the market.  

How does Reportei Academy work?

With that in mind, Reportei Academy’s purpose is to provide independent, 100% free courses so you can learn at your own pace and according to your needs. 

We select content taken from real-life experiences of those who make a living of Digital Marketing and feel the need to go beyond the basics. We’re not here to give out magical formulas. Our approach is to get straight to the point and make it so the knowledge we share can be put into practice by the time you get to the end of the course. 

In addition to providing theoretical classes, our methodology also focuses on hands-on experience. That gives you the needed practice to develop your skills and keep up with the digital market that is constantly changing. 

Our first course for pricing services fairly and properly is available on the platform now. But new certifications will soon be added, including free courses to help you manage, plan, and execute the activities of your marketing agency (or ‘yougency’).

Precfiquei: a methodology for pricing services

Precifiquei is a methodology consisting of a technical course and an exclusive, practical tool for digital marketing professionals to find the best cost estimates for their services.

It’s a course composed of 8 modules. Each one has rich content based on data we took from the market, and the real-life experience of our founders Renan Caixeiro, who has been running his own marketing agency for the past 11 years, and Rodrigo Nunes, who has five years of experience as a freelancer under his belt. 

Our calculating tool’s algorithm is based on the basic costs of marketing services and price benchmarking. It was finetuned with data from more than 150 thousand estimates reached using Reportei’s Freela Calculator.

At the end of the course (where there are two activities), students will be able to increase their income through adequate pricing that is fair to clients and in line with the local reality.

What will Precifiquei teach me?

In 3 and a half hours of training, including video classes and practical tasks, you will gain knowledge on the following topics: 

  • the three pricing axes (service, client, and price) and how they interact to boost your returns;
  • the three price formats, pros and cons of each, and how to apply them day to day;
  • the biggest pricing mistakes and how to avoid making them;
  • how to manage and organize the costs of your marketing agency; 
  • projecting income to reach your financial goals;
  • and how to optimize internal operating to increase the profit margin of your projects.

Supporting material such as templates, spreadsheets, and PDFs come along with the course. That way you’ll be prepared to apply what you learned throughout the course more easily. 

If you liked learning about Reportei Academy and Precifiquei, there’s no time to lose! Check out the prices and payment terms of our course now!


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