Instagram Stories Reports made simple

Following the integration of Instagram Business into our platform, it is time to introduce another essential tool for developing your communication with customers: the Instagram Stories report.

Increasingly, stories are gaining strength in social networks and have become a differential for proximity and engagement with the public. As a result, we couldn’t miss out on our report the metrics that help marketers understand if their strategies are working and what changes can be made to achieve better performance with these Instagram posts.

Read on to learn the six metrics of the new Instagram Stories report and learn why analyzing this data is an essential step in the success of your actions!

Instagram Stories reports

Why analyze Instagram Stories results?

Instagram Stories is a vital tool for engaging with a brand’s audience, and as such, it has gained increasing prominence in the marketing efforts planned by companies, agencies, and freelancers. But in addition to worrying about strategy and creativity, you also need to know if your efforts are being directed toward actions that deliver the expected result with followers.

So performance analysis should also be an essential step in your Instagram Stories campaigns.

This is the only way you can understand how your audience interacts with stories, and plan actions that increase engagement, generating more effective results for your marketing investments. Below we will present the metrics that are part of Reportei‘s Instagram Stories report and how they can assist in analyzing your strategies.


Metrics you find in Reportei’s Instagram Stories report

Reportei’s Instagram Stories report vital imports data that shows how followers are receiving and interacting with your posts.

Thus, you find six metrics that reveal the actions taken on each published story. They are::

  • Impressions: Total number of times the story was viewed, even if it was accessed more than once by the same account;
  • Reach: Number of unique profiles that saw the story during its running;
  • Replies: Shows audience interaction and replies to the published story;
  • Exits: Number of times someone “abandoned” the story;
  • Taps to move forward: Total taps given by users to view next photos and videos;
  • Taps to go back: Total taps given by users to go back and see previous stories.

From these six metrics, you can analyze which types of content drive the most engagement with the audience, which are not so relevant, and the fundamental changes that need to be made to improve story performance.

Instagram is increasingly launching new features to make stories interactive and bring users closer to brands.

Recently, for example, the platform has added a new poll format, called “Quiz,” which allows you to make multiple choice questions for followers to answer.

This makes it easier for companies to plan actions focused on engaging with the public and, through the Instagram Stories report, can evaluate which ones work.

How do I generate the Instagram Stories report on Reportei?

Unlike other social media reports, where you can visit data for up to two years in the past, the Instagram Stories report has a feature that requires a little more attention from marketers: it doesn’t save information if the account is not active on Reportei.

This is because the stories are temporary, and when they end in 24 hours, their results are available for evaluation for a limited time.

Therefore, Reportei can only capture and save this information if the user is already registered, and Instagram is integrated with the customer account.

So this is the first step you should take before generating your Instagram Stories report, ok?

From this, the process is the same as other reports: you import the data in three seconds and can complement it with your extensive analysis.

With the new feature, it is much easier to check the performance of your story strategies, communicate it to your client, and plan actions that make the results even better.

Now that you are familiar with the Reportei Instagram Stories report, log in to your account or sign up to try this new platform feature!

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