Instagram guides: discover a new feature created for quarantine

Instagram Guides make it easy to curate content and are now available for selected accounts

Instagram Guides make it easy to curate content and are now available for selected accounts

Another new feature came to social networks recently to change the way we consume content: Instagram Guides.

Launched in May, this resource aims to gather tips and recommendations in a tab that is already available in selected profiles, but with a focus on well-being.

Thus, the new functionality facilitates the curation of content on the social network. That is, accounts can create Guides with specific themes to gather posts of their own or from other profiles that generate relevant information for their audience.

These groups of publications can be made with posts from the feed (in image or video), IGTV, and also stories.

Besides, it is possible to add titles and texts that help to complement the tips and recommendations, and Instagram Guides can be shared both via stories and direct.

To find out more details about a specific post, just tap on it to be redirected to the profile where it was initially posted.


Why the initial focus on wellness-oriented content?

The initiative came about with the need to generate reliable and inspiring information during this period of pandemic and quarantine.

According to the platform’s announcement, at the launch of the tool, the intention is to help people who are experiencing difficulties and need to feel more welcomed in this moment of struggle against Covid-19.

Therefore, initially, Instagram Guides will only be available for selected profiles, who already work with a focus on well-being and mental health.

“We will help content creators connect with specialist organizations to share resources during this time, including tips on how to care for their well-being, preserve connection with others or deal with anxiety or grief.” social network.

Few accounts can use the feature, but all users can already view it in their profiles. The Guides icon is between the IGTV icon and the markup icon.

Below, we show some of the profiles (indicated by Instagram itself) that already curate content about well-being on the social network.

Profiles enabled for Instagram Guides

International profiles of content creators and organizations that were indicated by Instagram itself: @afspnational , @heads_together , @klicksafe , @sudahdong, and @eenfance .

To view the Tabs tab on the accounts mentioned above, you need to do this through the Instagram app. For now, the functionality is not visible in the web version.

We still don’t know precisely what the next steps will be about this feature and if it will be available to all accounts at some point.

But in its statement, the social network says it is “looking for new ways to support our community, especially in challenging times” and promises news soon.

So, what did you think of Instagram Guides? Tell us in the comments of this article!


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