How to retain your customers in tough times

How to retain your customers in tough times
If companies are affected by crises, as we have seen with the new Coronavirus pandemic, this means that eventually, marketing agencies, freelancers, and other communication service providers will also suffer the financial impact at some point.

If companies are affected by crises, as we have seen with the new Coronavirus pandemic, this means that eventually, marketing agencies, freelancers, and other communication service providers will also suffer the financial impact at some point.

Running away is impossible, but there are ways to adapt that can help you get out of this scenario without significant damage to you and your team. 

Therefore, we have prepared this article to present you with an effective way to adapt to the new reality, with practical tips on how to retain customers in difficult times.

The mission is challenging, but it can help both stability in the present and bring more chances for growth in the future. Shall we?

Focus on customer retention

The main tip for agencies that are impacted by a crisis is to focus on retaining customers.

Selling should not be forgotten, and business processes do not stop – however, the customer who was already with you is a priority.

With that in mind, we’ve separated four essential tips on how to retain customers to help your agency in this and other stressful situations. Keep reading to check it out!

1. The golden rule is an adaptation

Going through a moment of sudden change requires that you review your agency’s actions and start adapting to a new reality.

But, first of all, it is necessary to understand how much and in what way your agency will be affected by the crisis (which accounts are most at risk and what are the possibilities of retaining them?), And then planning the next steps.

Regarding your clients, the rule is the same. They will also need to adapt, and your agency can be the starting point for these companies to overcome the difficult time without prejudice.

Therefore, before your decision-makers are guided by insecurity, you must join them, understand what your most urgent problems are, and, from there, outline strategies aligned to their reality.

2. Offer the best service

More than ever, trust has become an essential link for the relationship between agencies and clients.

The crisis is a moment that generates fear and a feeling of instability in people and, therefore, they will always seek support and, mainly, empathy about the situation they are experiencing.

Therefore, this is the time to direct all your efforts to offer an even more personalized service to the needs of each decision-maker.

It is time to monitor each problem closely, show that your agency is there to offer solutions aligned to their reality, and help you manage risks to get out of the crisis with the best possible scenario. 

Besides, try to hold more frequent meetings to show the results of the actions taken and outline new strategies. This shows your client that you are adapting more quickly to the changes that are happening and creates more security for him.

3. If applicable, facilitate payment terms

When carrying out your agency’s adaptation planning, make a mapping of the clients that will suffer most from the crisis and of the new payment terms that can be offered to them during that moment.

A possible reduction in the scope of monthly fees or lengthening of terms, for example, makes a big difference for your decision maker’s pocket.

Several service providers have adopted this strategy as a way to avoid defaults and cancellations. So, even if it is not ideal for your present, financially speaking, this action can be essential for your future.

4. Look for reactivation of old accounts

After planning your agency’s strategies and ensuring the best service for your clients, you can focus on rapprochement with old clients. They need communication services and are more stable during the crisis.

But why focus efforts on inactive accounts? It is effortless: this acquisition cost is cheaper than the prospect of new accounts. 

If you have offered excellent services to a client and have had a good relationship with them, it will be easier to bring them back than to sell to someone who does not know your agency and possibly feels insecure about the crisis.

Also, if this company has already worked with you, then your team already knows its pains and can think of exclusive packages that are appropriate to its reality.

When the crisis passes, then it will be time to commit to the acquisition of new accounts and growth in the agency. 

But remember: even though it’s not the ideal way to do it, this is also a time for learning. Therefore, create a history of your strategies and results of actions. It will be essential to have an overview in the future and assist your team in other difficult times!


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