Launch: know all the details of the Mailchimp Report!

One of the leading email marketing tools came to Reportei, and so that you don’t miss any details, we prepared this article with all the information about our new Mailchimp report.

The platform, which was developed in 2001, simplifies and makes the process of creating campaigns and triggering emails more accessible, which helps, especially in the growth of small businesses.

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Google My Business report: check out the new feature from Reportei

Yes, Reportei does not stop launching incredible new features! We’ve already talked about the Search Console report here, and now is the time to show you everything you need to know about the brand new Google My Business report.

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Find out how to use Mailchimp in your email marketing strategy

In this post, we selected the main features that Mailchimp offers and five tips for you to be successful with your campaigns. Keep reading to check it out!

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Google Search Console report: 4 metrics to analyze in Reportei

Now, Reportei has another incredible feature to assist in the performance and optimization analyzes of your website or your client: the Google Search Console report.

This tool, which has become increasingly essential for the work of a digital marketer, offers critical information about a website’s traffic, its performance in Google searches, and how users reach it.

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Reports+ or Reportei? Understand the differences between the tools

Despite having very similar names, Reports+ and Reportei are reporting tools with very different objectives.

While the first is entirely directed at Instagram, our platform is focused on analyzing the results of various social media used in the digital marketing strategy of companies.

That is, our reports offer a complete view of the return of communication actions to facilitate both the relationship with customers/decision-makers and the projection of the next steps of the project.

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How to use Instagram’s Algorithm to your advantage: and why it is excellent for Marketing

How does Instagram Algorithm work? In this post, we will delve into details already disclosed and others that make sense. We’ll go through the factors that could influence the ranking of your content in your followers’ feed and explain why the Instagram algorithm is great for marketers.

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6 Free Tools to Schedule Posts on Social Media

Managing multiple social media from multiple clients is no easy task as it requires time and a lot of organization. However, social media professionals can rely on a variety of free tools to make their routine easier, such as post scheduling platforms. When offered for free, these tools often have some limitations, but they greatly streamline the work of social media and help save resources for investing in other tools, such as social network reporting platforms.

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Social Network Metrics: 4 critical metrics

Learn four critical metrics on Social Networks that every company should keep up with it.

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LinkedIn Reports: Learn How to Create It Step by Step

Check this walkthrough to create LinkedIn Page and Linkedin Ads reports in just 3 seconds using Reportei. You can try for free.

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LinkedIn Guide: Learn how to create and optimize a Company Page

So, to help you build your company page on LinkedIn and leverage your results on this network, we have created a guide with all the important information about Company Pages. Keep reading and pay attention to the tips!

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