Some of the key metrics founded in Reportei’s report

Reportei’s social media reports are generated within seconds, which streamlines the routine of the social media analyst who will no longer have to spend hours and hours checking all metrics for all managed social media. The Reportei reports are professional and easy to understand, besides having vital social metrics. Check out what they are:

Facebook metrics

In the Reportei reports, you can analyze the following parameters from your Facebook account:

  • Likes;
  • New likes;
  • Reach;
  • Engaged people;
  • Follower growth;
  • Page reach evolution.

Reportei reports from Facebook also rely on the “Engagement Megaphone” metrics. The megaphone is a way of visualizing the overall impact of the page through “created stories.” Facebook considers every page quote, comment, check-in, like, rating, or post to appear on the user’s timeline as a story. Here are the Facebook engagement megaphone metrics:

  • People talking about the page;
  • Created stories;
  • People reached;
  • Total views.

Facebook Ads metrics

By integrating your Facebook Ads account, you can choose to generate a report on your entire ad account or select specific campaigns to analyze. Once you have made your selections, you can check, in the Reportei report, the performance of the following Facebook Ads metrics:

  • People reacting;
  • Range;
  • Amount invested;
  • Impressions;
  • Clicks;
  • Cost per click;
  • Cost per thousand impressions;
  • Click through rate;
  • Total actions;
  • Frequency;
  • Cost per action;
  • Number of ads;
  • Impressions and reach by age;
  • Impressions and reach by gender;
  • Reach by platform;
  • Impressions and reach per hour.

Instagram metrics

  • Followers;
  • New followers;
  • Posts;
  • Likes on posts;
  • Comments on posts;
  • Featured content.

Note that Instagram does not give us access to the followers’ history, so you must manually enter this information when generating Instagram reports.

Google Analytics metrics

  • All visits;
  • Single visits;
  • Page impressions;
  • Average time on page;
  • Visitor’s age;
  • Visitor’s gender;
  • Featured cities;
  • Featured countries;
  • Traffic sources;
  • Most visited pages.

YouTube metrics

  • Total views;
  • Total subscribers;
  • Number of videos;
  • Total comments
  • Views;
  • Likes;
  • Dislike;
  • Shares;
  • Comments;
  • New subscribers;
  • Lost subscribers;
  • Watched minutes.

LinkedIn metrics

  • Followers;
  • New followers (total);
  • New followers (paid);
  • Impressions

Now that you know what metrics are in Reportei’s social media reports, how about starting to generate unlimited, professional reports? Go ahead and try the tool for free.

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