Find out how Reports+ works and their differences from our report

Despite having very similar names, Reports+ and Reportei are reporting tools with very different objectives.

While the first is entirely directed at Instagram, our platform is focused on analyzing the results of various social media used in the digital marketing strategy of companies.

That is, our reports offer a complete view of the return of communication actions to facilitate both the relationship with customers/decision-makers and the projection of the next steps of the project.

But, for you to understand more clearly how Reports + works and their differences to Reportei, we created this article to list the characteristics of the application and also our main functionalities. Check it out!

Reports+: Instagram account data analysis

As we said earlier, Reports+ (formerly known as InstaReport) is a tool focused on generating data analysis on Instagram.

The app, available for iOS and Android, is aimed at interacting with users and shows from those who stopped following you or blocked you to those who most react to your publications.

Therefore, on its platform, you can closely monitor the development of your profile with metrics related to:

  • gain and loss of followers;
  • users you don’t follow or don’t follow you back;
  • number of blocks;
  • new users who followed your stories;
  • profiles of visitors and secret admirers;
  • engagement of Best and Ghost Followers;
  • account growth charts.

A good deal of Reports+ functionalities are free, but it is also possible to access more detailed information in the Pro version of the tool.

Reportei: complete reports from major social media

Reportei works with a slightly different objective. We help marketing agencies, companies, and freelancers to follow and present their clients with complete reports from both Instagram and other social media.

Our proposal is to gather this data in just three seconds, automatically, so that you and your team save time and focus on developing more effective strategies for the digital environment.

Therefore, in our Instagram for Business report, for example, you find the main performance metrics of your business profile, such as:

  • Number of followers;
  • New followers;
  • General reach and posts reach;
  • General impressions and posts impressions;
  • Profile views;
  • Total profile clicks;
  • Posts engagement;
  • Posts likes;
  • Posts comments;
  • Posts that have been saved.

In addition, we also make the results of posts on Instagram Stories available for you to analyze impressions, reach, retention, and actions taken, such as taps to move forward, back, exits, and responses.

But, of course, our report does not stop there. You can also select other media to examine your complete digital marketing strategies, such as Facebook and Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Analytics, Google My Business, LinkedIn, Mailchimp, RD Station, Search Console, and YouTube.

The metrics and comparisons with previous periods are up to us, while you have the freedom to add analysis’ (in text, images, or video) with your interpretation of the results, create customized templates for your projects, and an exclusive Timeline for your history of actions.

We think of everything to make the communication with your client even easier and make your team’s routine more productive.

Did you like getting to know how Reports+ and Reportei work? So come on and visit our website to know details about our benefits and plans available!

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