How to Scale a Traffic Management Agency?

How to Scale a Traffic Management Agency?

Check out 8 steps to start scaling your traffic management agency, gain more clients, and increase your revenue

Starting a paid traffic agency and defining a growth structure for it can seem challenging at first. However, if you follow the right steps, there is the possibility to accelerate the process and make it more efficient.

Therefore, we have prepared this article to present 8 strategic tips on how to increase your client portfolio without compromising the quality of service. Let’s go?

How to Scale Up Your Traffic Management Agency

One of the most common ways to start a career in paid traffic management is as a freelancer or “eugency,” serving close people and local businesses. However, with this first step, there’s always the dream of scaling up the business, having a larger team, and increasing your own revenue, right?

So, if you still don’t know where to start to build a larger agency and get more clients without losing the level of quality delivered with your services, you’ve come to the right place.

Below, we’ve selected 8 tips on how to scale up your traffic management agency, considering points such as sales, team management, and relationship with contractors. Follow along!

Start Building Your Team

The first step to take on more paid traffic management accounts is undoubtedly hiring a person (or more) to help develop campaigns for the clients you already have.

This will allow you to start stepping out of the operational part and have more time to draw and implement growth strategies for your agency.

As challenging as it may be to find this first person for your team, it’s ideal to keep in mind that the profile should be compatible with the culture you are building for your company. That is, first and foremost, have these values well aligned, as well as the scope of work that your collaborator will need to fulfill.

Sell More

With one more person in your agency, the next step is to start selling more of your services, increasing your client portfolio. After all, this will allow you to increase your revenue and, gradually, build an even more solid team.

Train Your Paid Traffic Team

In fact, having more clients demands more responsibility and time to manage both the people and the accounts. Therefore, it’s essential to train the team so that evolution accompanies the quality you’ve been delivering since you started your journey in paid traffic management.

As we said before, it’s necessary for your team to be aligned with the agency’s culture, the processes being built, and the goals of the companies that hire your services.

Create a Quality Control System

For the team’s training to be efficient, it’s necessary to have a quality control system, ensuring that both collaborators and clients are satisfied.

The first step for this is to ensure that the contractors of your services see the value of the work delivered, as they are the ones responsible for paying your bills and, eventually, referring your agency to other companies.

This will ensure that you are delivering the same level of quality, without neglecting the structuring of better processes for your team’s routine.

Show Your Results

Another crucial point for scaling your paid traffic agency, retaining clients, and acquiring new ones is to prove that the campaigns launched generate the best results.

When you establish a routine of report presentations, the impact of your service on the decision-maker becomes clearer. This way, they will have a better understanding of how much the investment in campaigns generates sales.

However, for this to happen efficiently, the client should have access to reports that are easy to read and understand. For this, you can rely on an automation tool, like Reportei, which visually presents data, compares results with previous periods, and proves the return on investment (ROI).

Monitor Client Data

More than just presenting reports to clients, it’s essential that the team closely monitors account data to perceive these results and recognize what really works or the bottlenecks in the strategy.

This regular monitoring helps to make better decisions and have greater agility in day-to-day operations, ensuring that the paid traffic campaigns always stay on the right track.

Reportei also offers a tool focused on this precise monitoring: the dashboard. With it, you can keep an eye on all the important data and quickly draft plans to maintain the best return on advertisements.

Keep the Client Always Updated

Besides training the team to stay updated regarding the data, it’s essential to create a routine of sharing information with clients, including both the actions taken and the results achieved with them.

This is because, throughout the process, telling the story of your strategies engages the client in the deliveries. Therefore, when something goes wrong, it’s easier for the decision-maker to understand what led to that result and how it can be addressed.

For this purpose, we recommend using Reportei’s Timeline: a tool to record and share with clients all the steps of the project, such as launching a new campaign, conducting a strategic meeting, and much more.

Control the Most Important Indicators

Finally, to ensure that your traffic management agency can scale, it is fundamental that you, as a manager, closely control the most relevant indicators of the clients. That is, the metrics directly aligned with the business objectives.

This step will make it easier for you to identify what is happening in the account and if your team is meeting the goals aligned with the project decision-makers.

To assist in having this more strategic view, Reportei offers an Indicator Control tool, which allows setting different goals based on the clients’ KPIs and monitoring the health of the account with agility and precision.

For instance, you can create goals for financial investment (to avoid extra expenses and end-of-month surprises), reach, and conversions generated with your ad campaigns.

Did you like the tips we selected on how to scale a paid traffic agency? Then take the opportunity to start implementing them right now and try a free 3-day trial of Reportei, to see in practice how our tool helps speed up this process!

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