Facebook and Instagram: getting insights into your audience on social networks

Facebook and Instagram: getting insights into your audience on social networks
Here’s how to access Audience Insights on Facebook and Instagram for better performance

Here’s how to access Audience Insights on Facebook and Instagram for better performance

If you plan marketing strategies on Facebook and Instagram, a big part of the process is closely monitoring the audiences you reach and engage with.

You can get full reports through social network tools like Audience Insights, where you can monitor your target groups’ demographics, interests, and lifestyles.

Here’s everything you need to know about how to view these metrics for your specific audience on Facebook and Instagram and how to extract the best insights from that data. Keep reading and check it out!

How to access audience info on Facebook or Instagram

Accessing your audience data on Facebook and Instagram is simple. You can find reports in the “insights” tab in Meta, where all your results metrics are displayed. 

It helps you understand who is engaging with your content and helps you plan the most efficient strategies to target those audiences. 

“Audience Insights” also gives a view of potential audiences or users who might be interested in following your page or profile. Here are the details:

Current audience vs potential audience

The first thing to note about Instagram and Facebook’s Audience Insights is that you can compare your current audience with those you can potentially reach.

These two pages gather general data on audience profiles and potential audiences to help marketers reach more users who might like the brands they work with.

The potential audience report gives you an estimate of the size of your audience, and you can add filters to view results you consider relevant. Then you can use that information later on for your Facebook Ads campaigns, too.

Demographic data

Both current and potential audience reports give you an overview of your page/profile demographics.

You get to check out information on gender and age group and find out where most of your audience is located (cities and countries).

Audience interests

Facebook and Instagram’s Potential Audience reports will help you understand what your audience likes, making it easier to reach your target groups.

For example, Facebook shows you a list of the pages with the most likes from your potential audience. But because it’s only an estimate, remember to carefully compare it with your persona’s interests. 

You can add other topics of interest to filters, complementing your report and even building a new ad audience.

How to view audience insights on Instagram

Besides Audience Insights in Meta Business Suite, you can also check your audience data through Instagram Analytics.

Use the app or Facebook Creator Studio to access reports and the audience section to view

  • Average age and gender of followers over a distinct period;
  • Days of the week and times when users generally interact with your content;
  • A list of the top 5 countries and top 5 cities where your followers are located.

With that data on hand, you can plan the best strategies for more engagement on Instagram and boost your campaigns.

Get your Facebook and Instagram audience reports in only 3 seconds

It might sound surreal, but we’re not pulling your leg! Reportei generates full Facebook and Instagram reports with precious insights into your Facebook and Instagram audiences.

The demographics overview we mentioned above (gender, age, cities, and countries) is here to help improve your content strategies on both networks.

Add that to content metrics, which give you a broader view of what attracts your audience, from topics of interest to the most popular content formats.

Access or create an account on Reportei right now to try out our Facebook and Instagram audience reports for free!

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