Expert Report Templates: Access Specialist Insights

Expert Report Templates: Access Specialist Insights

Discover the expert templates from Reportei and how they can be utilized to facilitate more accurate analyses in your project routine

Aiming to provide the best reports tailored to each project’s needs, Reportei introduced in 2023 the expert templates: models crafted by leading figures in digital marketing, encompassing strategies for paid media, social media content, launching info products, and much more.

In this article, we will showcase the available report models on the platform and how you can leverage them in your agency or company’s daily operations. Stay tuned!

What are Reportei’s expert templates?

Signed by renowned digital marketing professionals, Reportei’s expert templates guide users in more strategic analyses for their projects.

In other words, these models leverage data intelligence from top market experts to offer a more precise analysis of actions in areas like paid traffic, content, info products, or even projects combining various services in your agency.

Moreover, there’s the opportunity to use these professionals’ insights to develop your own templates, taking into account objectives, goals, and what clients wish to analyze.

So far, there are four report models available: Pocket Agency, Traffic King, Camila Renaux, and Umbler Club. Check out the details of each below!

Vinicius Gambeta

One of the first expert templates released by Reportei was from Pocket Agency, developed by Vinicius Gambeta, focusing on presenting metrics for launchers and info product creators.

Thus, the first channel featured in the report is Hotmart, displaying sales and revenue from the info products purchased by users. Following this are channels like Analytics, commonly used social networks in the promotion strategy, marketing automation, and other integrations.

Within each media’s report, Vinicius not only created a template for presenting metrics but also left suggestions for more efficient data analysis.

Lucas Renault

Targeting paid media actions, the Traffic King template – created by Lucas Renault – includes key metrics in the field. Prominently, the first reports shown are from Meta Ads and Google Ads.

Notably, the most standout metric in each is the total amount invested in campaigns, as it’s the starting point for understanding investment performance, generating clicks and conversions over the analyzed period.

Next, the template covers the main social networks worked on, results from marketing automation platforms, CRM, and more.

Camila Renaux

For those with projects focused on social media content, the specialist template from Camila Renaux is worth exploring. This model emphasizes presenting data from major social media platforms, like Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, and more.

Similar to the Pocket Agency model, Camila’s template also offers valuable tips for a more precise analysis of metrics and how content impacts client relationships and the target audience of the brand.

Rodrigo Maciel

The Umbler Club template, created by Rodrigo Maciel, gathers key networks and metrics for a more comprehensive and accurate analysis by digital marketing agencies.

For this purpose, the model collates the most relevant data and graphics impacting both sales and brand engagement. Therefore, the highlight channel is Analytics (providing website information), Google My Business, Meta Ads, social networks (LinkedIn and Instagram), among other channels reinforcing online presence.

Other Report Templates Available on Reportei

Besides the expert templates, Reportei also offers models aligned with digital marketing project objectives.

They also aim to provide insights for more precise analyses, considering the client’s focus and developing a more productive meeting between parties. Here are the 4 templates you can choose from in our tool:


The first report model created on our platform, the standard template, focuses on social media metrics, initially featuring media like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and TikTok.

Next, the channels presented are paid media, Google Analytics, and marketing automation tools. Thus, this classic layout is ideal for projects emphasizing content creation for networks and online brand management.

Inbound Marketing

For those working on inbound marketing projects, with actions dedicated to all sales funnel stages, the inbound-focused template is perfect for a more accurate analysis of attraction, lead capture, nurturing, and customer conversion actions.

For this, the model first shows CRM results, automation tools, traffic data (Analytics), organic positioning, paid media, and lastly, social networks (representing the funnel’s top).

Paid Traffic

The paid traffic template primarily focuses on paid media channels, such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, TikTok Ads, and Pinterest Ads.

Following the initial analysis of return on investment in ads, from the budget applied to conversions generated, are the Google Analytics data, RD Station, and finally, complete social media metrics.


Lastly, among Reportei’s report templates, there’s an option directed at e-commerce, with a greater focus on Google Analytics data about commercial transactions, like conversion rate, revenue, number of sales, and abandonment rate.

Next, the information on paid traffic (essential strategy for virtual stores), social media content, and lead capture and nurturing actions developed on automation platforms are presented.

It’s important to remember that no template automatically excludes any integrated networks, only organizing channels and metrics to meet project needs and make analyses more precise.

Additionally, you have the option to choose the report model and customize it to make meetings with clients even more productive. Custom templates are saved and can be used as many times as you want in the same project or others!

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