Google Ads Campaigns: Discover the Top Formats

Google Ads Campaigns: Discover the Top Formats
Learn about the types of campaigns available on Google Ads and how they can fit into your digital marketing strategy

Learn about the types of campaigns available on Google Ads and how they can fit into your digital marketing strategy

The Google Ads platform is one of the biggest advertising channels out there today. Though it’s mainly known for search campaigns, there are more options that cater to different digital marketing strategies. 

Whether you’re looking to advertise on partner sites, create ads for physical stores, or get your campaigns performing better, Google Ads has got you covered. There are plenty of solutions to help you reach your business goals.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to eight main types of Google Ads campaigns and give you some tips on how to use them effectively. Let’s dive in!

Why do Google Ads offer different campaign formats?

First, you’ll need to understand why Google offers different formats and what to consider when adopting them into your marketing strategy.

While some campaign types are more popular than others, each has a unique purpose that should align with your business objectives and the results you want to see online.

For example, if you run an e-commerce store, a Google Shopping campaign would be a no-brainer. But for physical stores, local action campaigns might fit better.

Always consider your target audience, objectives, and budget before choosing which formats to use. After all, your budget can directly impact the results you see.

8 Google Ads Campaign Formats You Need to Know

Now that you know how important it is to choose the right campaign format for your business, let’s dive into 8 different models available on Google Ads which can help you reach your business goals and target the right audience. Here they are:

  1. Search Network
  2. Display Network
  3. YouTube Videos
  4. App Campaigns
  5. Local Campaigns
  6. Smart Campaigns
  7. Google Shopping
  8. Performance Max

1. Search Network

Search Network campaigns have become increasingly popular. They display text ads to users searching for products or services related to your business. 

This is one of the most practical ways to increase website traffic, sales or generate leads for a specific business. After all, if a user is looking for a solution, they are more likely to interact with brands that offer it.

One of the best ways to succeed with search ads is to plan your keywords well so you can target your audiences specifically.

The Search Network has other useful features, such as ad extensions, for example. They help boost performance by sending needed information to those looking for it. 

2. Display Network

Display Network campaigns work a bit differently: instead of targeting users looking for solutions, ads are displayed to potential customers on Google Ads partner websites.

Millions of websites and apps are part of this network, receiving graphic ads from companies globally. It’s a perfect format if you want to expand your online presence and keep up engagement through remarketing.

But, to make the most of Display campaigns, you’ll need to pay close attention to segmentation strategies and follow some of Google’s other tips.

3. Videos on YouTube

Google Ads Video campaigns are another ad format you can use to increase brand reach and recognition (on YouTube, specifically, or other partner sites). 

This campaign model can serve different end goals (including generating conversions), and those goals should influence choices when it comes to video format choice, duration, and segmentation. To learn more about this, check out Google Ads’ article on the subject.

4. Campaigns for Apps

Now, if you need to promote your own apps across different channels (Search Network, Display Network, Google Play, Discover, and YouTube), Campaigns for Apps are what you’re looking for. 

You can choose from several goals, such as generating app installs, increasing app engagement, or conducting pre-registration before launching the app on the Google Store.

5. Local Campaigns

When it comes to local campaigns, on the other hand, the goal is to promote physical establishments through search and display ads and Google Maps. 

This can help increase paid traffic to local businesses, drive in-person sales, promote specific events and offers, or provide comprehensive information to help people understand where to find your store and how it operates.

6. Google Shopping

For Google Shopping, the goal is to advertise on the “Shopping” tab of the world’s largest search engine, making it one of the best formats for e-commerce businesses. 

It’s a very useful model for quickly directing users to products they want, attracting clicks, and boosting sales. In fact, it can also be used by physical stores and reaches potential customers nearby.

7. Smart Campaigns

Now, let’s talk about the Google Ads formats that help optimize campaigns. First, there are Smart Campaigns, making ad automation and display easier.

Just enter your business information and some creatives. Google will define the best segmentations and ideal bids to get the best results on each channel.

8. Performance Max

Last on the list are Performance Max campaigns. The goal is to deliver the best possible performance by involving all available channels on the platform by setting the conversion goals you want to achieve.

They’re very easy to set up and automatically optimized by Google using machine learning. They’re great for boosting conversions, reaching potential customers, and providing advanced insights into your ads.


Measure the results of your campaigns with Reportei

Beyond defining the ideal campaign formats on Google Ads, it is essential to closely monitor the results they generate. After all, this is the only way to understand what really works for your company, right?

To optimize your metrics capture, bet on Reportei! Our platform integrates with Google Ads, giving you full reports in seconds. You can monitor your results as a whole or analyze each campaign individually.

You can easily gain insights about your ads and boost your performance and return on investment on Google. 

Start your free 3-day trial now for more strategic digital marketing! 

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