5 advertising alternatives to Facebook and Instagram

5 advertising alternatives to Facebook and Instagram
Here are 5 strategies to help you expand your digital marketing

Here are 5 strategies to help you expand your digital marketing

Advertising online nowadays is a sure way of attracting potential customers and increasing sales. 

That’s because digital marketing gives you a wide range of channels to work with, lower costs compared to traditional media, and easy analysis of results. 

Facebook and Instagram are the most popular online advertising networks, with more than 116 million and 122 million active users in Brazil, respectively. 

Despite being highly representative and increasingly relevant to online advertising, there are many other ways to use digital marketing for a more strategic social network presence.

This article will cover a few digital marketing alternatives to Facebook and Instagram and 5 that get the best results. Check it out! 

Why use digital marketing and how?

Before we dive in, it’s fundamental to understand how investing in digital marketing (and using different channels) can positively impact your brand’s online presence.

According to the Data Reportal’s Digital 2022 survey, around 164.3 million Brazilians (around 77% of the population) have access to the internet. When it comes to digital marketing, this group’s activity is highly significant:

  • 74.4% of users research brands online prior to purchasing products;
  • 66.1% had visited company websites 30 days before taking the survey;
  • 22.2% had clicked on banners on websites within the same 30-day period;
  • 22.8% had clicked on ads or social media posts within 30 days;
  • 22% had downloaded or used a brand’s app 30 days prior to taking the survey.

It’s easy to see how much influence the digital world has on consumers to connect with brands online.

And although Facebook and Instagram account for a major percentage of users and hours spent online a day (13.5 and 15.6 hours per month, respectively), other networks are currently in the lead. TikTok clocks in at 20.2 hours per month, and Youtube, at 23.3.

So the more variety you include in your strategy, your chances of success are higher. 

5 ways to use digital marketing besides Facebook and Instagram

So, if you’re looking for other channels to include in your marketing strategy, here are five ways of developing your brand online. 

  • Video advertising;
  • Sponsored links;
  • Email marketing;
  • Remarketing;
  • SEO strategies.

1. Video advertising

We’ll start with video advertising (of course!), which has been taking over the internet through channels like TikTok and Youtube. Both networks account for a whopping 138 million and 74 million users, respectively, which gives brands the perfect opportunity to expand their reach. 

From classic YouTube ads to fun TikTok videos, posts come in different formats, and you don’t need to be a specialist in audiovisual production.

2. Sponsored links

Sponsored links are another popular digital marketing investment for any business model. And they’re worth it.

You’ve probably come across an ad that met your needs when looking something up on Google. These ads are known as sponsored links and are part of search network campaigns. They’re usually highly efficient since you can find the answers to your questions quickly.

As users who click them are already actively looking for those solutions, sponsored links are an amazing option for faster returns on your investment.

3. Email marketing

Email marketing strategies normally cost less than ads and are quite efficient. Contrary to popular belief, email marketing hasn’t gone anywhere and still works.

That’s because it allows you to interact more closely with our customer base, which you can segment and nurture through automated flows (with an efficient automation tool, of course). 

That means you can use email to send promotions to your lead lists (according to their interests), news about company launches and updates, and much more. You’ll be amazed at what it does to increase your sales.

4. Remarketing

You can use remarketing with Google Ads, Facebook Ads, YouTube, and other networks. It’s made to get ads to users who have already accessed the business’ website but are not customers or haven’t made a purchase yet. 

It’s a means of keeping in touch with these users, reminding them of your brand, and influencing two purchase decisions.

5. SEO strategies

Finally, it’s important to mention SEO strategies, which help users find your site organically. No need to invest money into having your ads at the top of Google ranking.

Efficient titles, page descriptions, and keyword optimization are also great means of digital advertising. They make a world of difference in reaching your target audience and drawing clicks. 

And that’s not all. Local SEO also helps increase your brand visibility in your region by creating a Google My Business, for example. 

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