TikTok Ads: how does it work?

TikTok Ads: how does it work?
Here are 7 steps to help you create and run campaigns on TikTok Ads to amp up your engagement.

Here are 7 steps to help you create and run campaigns on TikTok Ads to amp up your engagement

With short videos taking over the internet, the social media platforms that promote this content style have won the hearts of brands and influencers. One of them is TikTok. After releasing TikTok Ads, this platform has amplified opportunities for businesses.

If you’ve just started using this platform to increase your engagement, you might not know how to create your first Ad campaigns yet. But don’t panic! We’ve put together this guide to help you every step of the way. Check it out!

Here’s what you need to know about TikTok Ads and what you can gain from using it

TikTok Ads Manager is TikTok’s tool for Ads on its platform. It allows you to run campaigns, reach more communities, and increase engagement.

By running ads on TikTok, marketing experts can access international communities and use resources that help them reach marketing goals, segments, and reports.  

Besides increasing reach and interaction with potential clients, TikTok Ads has more to offer. For example:

  • Directing traffic to your site;
  • Ads across TikTok’s app family, including entertainment, news, and content discovery platforms;
  • Ad format variety, such as videos and horizontal, vertical, or square images;
  • Tools to help content creators and marketing professionals out, like the Video Creation Kit and Automated Creative Optimization;
  • Precise segmenting of your audience;
  • Tools for monitoring the performance of campaigns and making improvements.

From the start, this list of benefits shows that advertising on TikTok is a valuable investment for businesses that want to reach their target audience in a fun and interactive way, right?

7 steps for creating ads and analyzing your campaigns

Want to know more about how TikTok Ads works and how to start using it to run ads? We’ve got your back with these super simple practical steps. Let’s get started?

1. Register for TikTok Ads

First, you’ll need to create an account on the platform to start your Journey on TikTok Ads. Although it’s not available in Portuguese yet, you can opt for English or Spanish.

To sign up, register here for free. Then, let the platform know whether your goals are commercial or personal (for influencers), and wait for TikTok’s team to confirm your request. Once you’ve been accepted, you’re all set to start creating and running campaigns.

2. Set goals for your campaign

The first step in creating a TikTok Ads campaign is setting the goals you plan to reach. That will help the platform optimize your ads as you run them.

As far as goals go, you can choose from:

  • traffic;
  • app installs;
  • attracting new leads;
  • increasing online sales.

3. Select your target group

Define the target audience for your campaigns with segments like gender, location, age, interests, and other specific categories. You can also work with Similar Audiences to keep engaging users who already access your profile or reach profiles that are similar to your clients’.

4. Set a budget

Like Facebook Ads and other platforms, TikTok Ads allows you to set a daily or fixed budget. That makes planning your campaign expenses easier.

You can also pause ads at any time and use an optimization model (like CPC or CPM) to help you adjust your expenses to your goals.

5. Create your ad

You can upload videos or images when creating an ad. You can also use the app’s tools for creating videos.

TikTok’s artificial intelligence editing resources make that even more practical, which improves your content creation experience.

6. Opitmize your campaign

You can also get ahead through TikTok’s intelligent bidding system. It helps you optimize your ads so they can reach your audience at the right time.

7.Analyze your results

Finally, after running campaigns on TikTok Ads, you can analyze results by using the platform’s reporting tool. It shows your customized metrics according to what is most meaningful to your strategy. 

Monitoring these metrics will help you optimize your ads regularly so you can improve their performance and ensure the success of your campaigns.

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