Twitter engagement: increase your brand engagement with these tips

Twitter engagement: increase your brand engagement with these tips
Looking for higher engagement on Twitter? Check out these 4 hot tips!

Looking for higher engagement on Twitter? Check out these 4 hot tips!

For companies that see Twitter as a way of improving the relationship with their audience, 

high engagement on Twitter is undoubtedly one of the most pursued goals.

But tweeting once in a while expecting to enchant your audience magically is not enough. Constancy, quality, and a good strategy are crucial for that to happen. 

We’ve compiled four essential tips here to help you stand out and engage on Twitter. Keep reading!

What is Twitter engagement?

Twitter’s priority is to promote user interaction, which means, as with other social networks (like Instagram and Facebook), engagement plays a key role. 

When it comes to interactions, some of the most relevant are likes, replies, retweets, profile mentions, clicks on links, hashtags, and content with media (like photos and videos). 

But besides tracking individual interactions, monitoring your profile engagement rate is crucial. It’s defined based on the total of interactions and reach of tweets. 

These two metrics (total engagement and engagement rate) help you evaluate what works on Twitter, which content is the most attractive, and how you can adapt your strategy for better results.

4 tips for a higher engagement on Twitter

When checking your metrics, did you notice your engagement was low? Could it have been better? Don’t panic! You can change that scenario by taking a few simple steps and extracting insights from your highest-performing content.

We’ve listed four tips below to help increase your Twitter engagement. Check them out!

1. Post regularly, but aim for quality

Twitter is, hands down, one of the most dynamic existing social networks. Users upload heaps of content daily, and there are always plenty of new topics and memes to keep things moving.

Not taking part in these discussions can hurt your engagement rate. We recommend posting daily, and ideally, several times a day.

But that doesn’t mean you should post for the heck of it. Make sure you prioritize quality, even if your content is always objective. Focus on topics in line with your persona and take advantage of the media diversity available on Twitter.

2.Use strategic hashtags

Your Twitter hashtags should be as strategic as possible since posts are limited to a maximum of 280 characters. Choose hashtags that complement your content and not the other way around.

Depending on the content type, Businesses bet on both brand-related hashtags and trending topics to increase their reach and place them in the Explore tab, for example.

3. Interact with other users

Relationships via social networks are a two-way street, and Twitter is no exception. Interact with other users regularly, just as you want them to engage with your content.

4. Keep up with trends

Last but not least, it’s essential to stay on top of current Twitter trends. After all, Twitter is a network people use to keep updated on and discuss current issues in the world, right?

With the Explore tab and Trending Topics, you can sift through what makes sense to your target audience and create content that encourages engagement. But, as we said before, not using a topic just because it’s trending unless it actually targets your audience, ok?

How do I measure my Twitter engagement?

One of the main channels for measuring engagement on Twitter is its analytics tool (Twitter Analytics).

Through the platform, you can access the reach and interaction metrics of your tweets (overall and individually), as well as information on your audience, ad performance, and insights on your most engaging content.

That’s all you need to make your Twitter the perfect place to nurture your relationship with your audience and increase brand authority on social networks.

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